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How our MLAs fare on Twitter: North Down

18 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

North Down MLAs on Twitter

US President Barack Obama reinvented social media as a tool for political success and his exploits have been copied across the world. Scope examines how our politicians are exploiting the new media.

Stark choices, expensive healthcare and cheap politics

17 Feb 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark in the 1949 film of classic novel All the King's Men

Three weeks after the Donaldson report and it appears all is forgotten. Are local political dynamics driving our health system unstoppably to the brink and beyond? Scope investigates.

Older people, health managers and cheap tricks

4 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Older Peoples’ Commissioner Claire Keatinge had some tough messages for the health service when she spoke to Scope.

HSC - a private public service

4 Feb 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

The Donaldson report makes for uneasy reading. Amongst its barrage of criticisms comes disbelief that Ombudsman findings into HSC failings are held back from public view. Scope looks at the issue.

Too Cool for school: the unique new scheme to help young people succeed

28 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Cool FM’s training partnership with Start360 is the first whereby a private sector company receives funding from the Big Lottery, Scope checks on how it is shaping up.

Donaldson: how the media and politicians act against the public interest

28 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttHealth

Scope delves behind the headlines to examine some disturbing implications of the Donaldson Report into health care in Northern Ireland.

Drive to zero: suicide in Northern Ireland

26 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Nick Clegg has made suicide a general election issue. Scope looks at the current political climate for this troubling issue which disproportionately affects Northern Ireland.

Respect our culture! Can the arts help craft a modern economy?

26 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Total annual funding for the arts in Northern Ireland is the same as the cost of policing Twaddell Avenue. Scope asks whether we should treat it as an investment in creativity and afford the sector more respect.

Money Mili-bank: who will pay for a skills revolution?

26 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaking at the Heenan-Anderson Commission

If Ed Miliband becomes PM he wants to overhaul our skills base to drive future prosperity - but training budgets are being slashed, so how will this be possible? Scope examines the issue.

No taxation without representation: Labour should stand

26 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

No taxation without representation

Scope editor Nick Garbutt on why Labour should stand in Northern Ireland.

Ivan Lewis on the Stormont House Agreement

22 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Is the Stormont House Agreement a Tory austerity project or a breakthrough for Northern Ireland? Scope asks Shadow Secretary of State Ivan Lewis.

Off The Record - should minor youth offences be a life sentence?

21 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Bob Ashford and Simon Weston at the Off The Record launch with NIACRO CEO Olwen Lyner

NIACRO is campaigning for a change in law to allow minor offences committed as a youth to be removed from people's records in order to help them find work. Scope examines the proposal.

The scandal of sending fine defaulters to jail

19 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

fine defaulters

At a time when public services are on their knees and when mass redundancies are planned for public sector workers, how can the Department of Justice justify spending around £24 million a year jailing people for failing to pay fines?

Why we should train politicians

16 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Is it a scandal that Atlantic Philanthropies are paying for the training of our MLAs? Scope examines the issue.  

What does the Stormont House Agreement say for the sector?

8 Jan 2015 Elizabeth HendronNo Topics

Public services

The Stormont House Agreement – what does it mean for the community and voluntary sector?

Defensive Planning - how the military shaped Belfast

5 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Exclusive: Scope has unearthed new evidence about secret security force oversight over planning decisions during the Troubles and the lasting division this has caused.

Analysis: healthcare's potentially fatal paradox

5 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Local health and social care reform is based on moving provision closer to home - but are cuts to both emergency and domiciliary care causing a spiralling crisis?

Charity Commission verdict on sector

5 Jan 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Charity Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless talks to Scope about CEO pay, governance and registration.

Oral histories and dealing with the past

5 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Dealing with the past is our toughest local issue. The Stormont House Agreement included a commitment to using oral histories to conserve and promote the experiences of local people - here UU's Dr Adrian Grant explores their potential.

Corporation Tax: change nothing and nothing changes

3 Jan 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

In our second article on corporation tax - this time analysing the case for lowering rates - Scope asks whether its advocates are keeping a sane head in difficult times

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