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Budget analysis: half baked and two speed

20 Nov 2014 Ryan MillerBudget

Northern Ireland budget cuts

A look at the consequences for the third sector, and beyond, stemming from Stormont's Draft Budget for 2015/16

Two brave women campaigners should learn from

14 Nov 2014 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Doing good work is not always the same as doing work that has widespread popular support.

Suicide survivor’s moving story of hope

11 Nov 2014 No Topics

Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – and lived.

Health boss goes to war over negative media coverage

10 Nov 2014 Nick GarbuttMedia

The tension between the media and health authorities has exploded into open warfare and the dispute goes to the heart of the function of the Press. Scope investigates.

Big Lottery makes major new appointments

6 Nov 2014 Nick GarbuttFunding

Eileen Mullan

The Big Lottery Fund has appointed three new Northern Ireland committee members to make decisions on how National Lottery funding is invested.

News You Can Use: November

3 Nov 2014 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Scope's picks of the month - we read the news so you don't have to.

Why we are bringing Scope back to life

27 Oct 2014 Seamus McAleaveyNo Topics

Scope magazine's final printed copy, March 2008

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey looks back at the last print edition of Scope and explains why it is being re-launched today.

Les Allamby: why human rights matter

27 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Northern Ireland’s latest Human Rights Commissioner

Les Allamby had been in post a few days when David Cameron set his party on a course that could plunge Northern Ireland into a constitutional crisis with Allamby's office at its centre.

Charities: how the public rate us

22 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

MORI Poll:Trust and confidence in Northern Irleland's charties

People in Northern Ireland do not understand how charities are funded nor how they are run, according to a new survey carried out by MORI on behalf of NICVA in the wake of the chief executive pay controversy.

Food banks: A good or bad sign of the times?

22 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttWelfare Reform

Bob Stronge, Chief Executive Advice NI

The biggest growth area for the charitable sector over the past few years has been that of food banks. Bob Stronge chief executive of Advice NI says there will be many more once Welfare “Reform” kicks in.

Funding the Arts in the "real world"

21 Oct 2014 Guest AuthorFunding

Ali FitzGibbon, director Young at Art

Ali FitzGibbon, director at Young at Art re-frames the debate about arts funding.

Charity CEOs' pay: what did we learn?

21 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Charity CEOs' pay: what did we learn?

The media storm that erupted earlier this year around the issue of the pay packages of chief executive salaries may have subsided for now, but the issue has not gone away.

Scope: reborn, refreshed and renewed

21 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Scope Reborn Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The true purpose of the media is to inform and to interpret, to help us better understand our society and the opportunities and challenges that we face.Sadly that brief is no longer adequately met.

Meet the new boss: Kevin Doherty from Disability Action

20 Oct 2014 Nick GarbuttMeet the new boss

In the first of this series of articles where we meet new senior managers in the sector, Scope interviews Kevin Doherty from Disability Action.

News You Can Use: October

6 Oct 2014 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Scope's pick of the month, for those who want to know what is happening but don't have the time to trawl through all the papers themselves: we read the news so that you don't have to ...

Analysis: the Mental Capacity Bill's balancing act

22 Sep 2014 Ryan MillerMental Capacity Bill

Jim Wells, Minister of Health

Proposed new mental capacity laws for the Assembly are being celebrated as progress for equality – but is a one-size-fits-all approach best for anyone? Scope explores the issues.

Spotlight on Contact: suicide prevention - what works?

18 Sep 2014 Ryan MillerMental Health

Kevin Hines

In the first of our series on events organised by the community and voluntary sector in NI, Scope takes a look at the issues on the table at Contact’s 2014 conference.

How to survive the cuts

16 Sep 2014 Nick GarbuttWelfare Reform, Sector Issues

Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO

Northern Ireland is yet to feel the full force of austerity cuts and Welfare Reform is still not implemented. We spoke to the leader of England's charities to find out exactly what we can expect.

Start360: the re-branding journey

15 Sep 2014 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

New Start 360 logo

What do you do to mark your 21st birthday? Opportunity Youth celebrated the event by changing its identity. Scope asked communications manager Zoe Anderson to share the inside story.

Step by step guide to creating a social media strategy

15 Sep 2014 Nick GarbuttSocial Media

Step by step guide to creating a social media strategy

Organisations no longer see social media as an optional extra, it's now and integral part of any communications strategy. This guide will give you a few tips to get started.

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