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Health reform, part one – here we don’t go again?

27 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Policy, Politics, Media

The Bengoa report has been been published and the Health Minister has released parallel plans for reform. We’ve been here before.

Weir gears up for battle over rural schools

21 Oct 2016 Nick GarbuttEducation, Politics

When Education Minister Peter Weir launched the latest consultation on the future of schools he was setting himself for a severe examination which will test him to the limit. 

Winter warner: increasing pressure on local health services

20 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Policy, Sector Issues

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Last December the Royal College of Nursing said the independent sector is struggling with staffing levels. Scope looks concerns for care of older people as we head into winter.

Debate of the Week: sustainable schools and area planning

20 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerEducation, Equality, Policy

This week’s look at Stormont plenary sessions focuses on Education Minister Peter Weir’s statement on future plans for the schools estate.

Civil Service Head says there is no plan B

14 Oct 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Government

Early this week Sir Malcolm McKibbin the Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service made a rare public speaking appearance in Belfast. Scope reports. 

Missing link – promoting mental wellbeing in primary schools

13 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Education, Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

It is World Mental Health Week and, in the second article in our education series on education, we look at younger children’s mental health and the lack of provision for people of this age

Debate of the Week – Housing Associations: Reclassification

12 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerPolicy, Politics, Social Policy, Funding, Human Rights

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

This week’s look at Stormont’s plenary sessions focuses on the ONS’s reclassification of local Housing Associations to public bodies.

Will May read the Vital Signs?

7 Oct 2016 Nick GarbuttFunding, Policy

It’s ironic that the Vital Signs survey was published the very day Prime Minister Theresa May made her speech at the Conservative Party conference. 

Integral to the future - integrated education, a choice for everyone

7 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerPolicy, Education, Equality, Social Policy, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

In the first of our big series on education in Northern Ireland, Scope talks to the Integrated Education Fund about their vision for schools.

Debate of the Week: NSMC and education

6 Oct 2016 Ryan MillerEducation, Policy, Politics, Equality, Health, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The latest Debate of the Week is a Brexit-infused look at a recent meeting of the North/South Ministerial Council.

Laying the Groundwork for success

29 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, Environment, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Groundwork NI has recovered from the doldrums and is now finding a way to help other organisations – especially smaller ones – flourish, according to its new CEO.

Debate of the Week – Rural Bank Closures

28 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Policy, Equality

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Week three of our new eye on Stormont’s plenary sessions and we look at the SDLP’s motion on rural bank closures.

David Gordon: the task ahead

23 Sep 2016 Nick GarbuttMedia, Politics

When you are working with puppets the strings should never show. That’s why the first rule for spin doctors is shape the stories and never become part of them. 

Debate of the week – visionary Brexit

22 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Policy, Funding

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

This week Scope will look at the UUP’s plenary call to action on their recent policy paper, A Vision for Northern Ireland outside the EU.

A dash of vodka meets a mixed reception

22 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

When Smirnoff got involved with Pride, it was not to complete acclaim. Balancing positive marketing and discussing difficult issues, generating funding and acting in the purest interests of the community - this can be a real tangle.

What does the future hold for the sector?

16 Sep 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, State of the Sector

A major piece of research on the future of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland is shortly to get underway. 

Minority report: slow progress rather than cruise control

16 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy, Community Relations, Policy, Sector Issues, Funding

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

A minority government – as Dublin is set to find out – is different from one in control of its own destiny. This has knock-on effects for anyone wanting to engage, especially those interested in new legislation or policy.

Debate of the Week: Housing Selection Scheme

15 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Equality, Community Relations, Sector Issues

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The first in a new series – we run the rule over one discussion from Stormont’s plenary sessions while the Assembly is in session. First up: housing selection.

Education - the discussion begins

9 Sep 2016 Ryan MillerEducation, Social Policy, Politics, Equality, Peace Process, Community Relations, Sector Issues

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Scope is planning a series of articles on any and all aspects of our education system - and we want to hear from you.

Northern Ireland goes naked into the storms

9 Sep 2016 Nick GarbuttEnvironment, Politics

Some Northern Ireland politicians dispute the cause of global warming. Some even have unconventional views about the age and history of the earth. But you can’t argue with facts. 


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