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Brexit, Northern Ireland and the third sector

8 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Sector Issues, Funding

Seamus McAleavey

The UK is going to leave the EU and, while uncertainty about the future is high, everyone now has to begin to adapt. Scope talks with NICVA CEO Seamus McAleavey.

The BBC demotes its boss in Northern Ireland

8 Jul 2016 Nick Garbuttculture, Media, Politics

Putting out bad or highly contentious statements on a busy news day is one of the oldest and sneakiest tricks in the book. 

Programme for Government: the next steps

1 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Sector Issues

Everyone in the voluntary sector would like to have a role in shaping public policy. With the Programme for Government out for consultation now is the time to act. 

Consistency needed for children whose lives lack just that

30 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Education, Mental Health, Equality

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Last month saw horrific revelations concerning separated children within Northern Ireland. Scope hears how implementation of already-passed legislation could make huge improvements.

Brexit and globalisation: is this any more than a bureaucratic change?

24 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Fears over the economic and cultural impact of immigration drove the UK from the EU, but what if Brexit provides no solutions and only makes these problems worse?

What does Brexit mean for Northern Ireland?

24 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

UKIP leader Nigel Farage wants the 24 June to be a public holiday, Independence Day. 

An awful question that will not go away ...

17 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Gerry McAlinden former Head of the Northern Ireland Centre in Europe argues that we should remain in Europe for the sake of future generations 

Openness and Stormont's new government

17 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Scope has already examined the potential positives from Stormont’s new outcomes-based approach. However, some are sceptical.

"Say yes to the world's most successful peace building project"

15 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

In our second contribution Lisa McElherron Head of Public Affairs at NICVA states the case for Remain. 

"Say No to Austerity Europe"

15 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

There is more to the Euro debate than a row between nationalist Conservatives and neoliberals. Scope has commissioned pieces outlining very different arguments, for leaving and staying. 

Brexit and the border

10 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Community Relations, Peace Process

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Debate around the EU referendum has long since fallen down the rabbit hole. Scope takes a look at the issue of the Irish border and comes to a calm if uncertain conclusion.

Are our new ministers fit for purpose?

10 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The second part of our series on the challenges ahead for our new Ministers. 

Executive motion - what our ministers have in store

3 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Health, Social Policy, Equality, Peace Process

The first half of a broad look of the challenges faced by the ministers in each of Stormont's new departments.

E petitions: bringing politics to the people

3 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

Scope talks to Mairaid McMahon who has single-handedly paved the way for people in Northern Ireland to have a greater say in government. 

Promoting good race relations in NI

26 May 2016 Ryan MillerEquality, Social Policy, Community Relations, Education, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The best recipe for good relations between minorities and everyone else is people from different backgrounds meeting on an equal footing and getting to know each other better as individuals, according to the South Belfast Roundtable

Europe: NICVA says remain

26 May 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

Scope asks NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey why his organisation has taken the unprecedented step of campaigning in the upcoming European referendum. 

Outcomes and the Programme for Government

20 May 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Funding, Politics, Education, Equality, Sector Issues

NCB has been hosting introductions to OBA

The new PfG - currently under construction, intertwined with sticky negotiations over the Executive - will be "outcomes-based". What does this mean? Surely this can't be new? Scope looks at a new model for all sectors.

Europe and the English problem

20 May 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, culture

Many in Northern Ireland and in Scotland and Wales would be forgiven for feeling locked out of the referendum debate. 

The battle for the BBC in Northern Ireland

13 May 2016 Nick GarbuttMedia, Politics

Coverage of Culture Secretary John Whittingdale’s white paper on the future of the BBC has concentrated on the abolition of the BBC Trust and the publication of the salaries of the highest paid stars. 

Unhealthy future - part two

13 May 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Politics, Equality

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Part two of our look at health reform in the context of Stormont parties' policies. Here we examine party manifestos - and find contradictions, shameless vote grabbing, and deceit or stupidity or both.


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