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Is democracy working for Northern Ireland? Not really ....

23 Mar 2017 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Politics

The publication of a ground-breaking report into the state of democracy in Northern Ireland this week could not have been better timed. 

Accepting redemption is difficult

22 Mar 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Human Rights, Sector Issues, Social Issues

Are prisons just about punishment, or should we expect more?

In the week Martin McGuinness passed away, Scope examines the nature of redemption by looking at another man's story - double murderer Erwin James, who spoke in Belfast on Monday - and asks what society wants from its prisons.

Why the Hopkins libel case is a wake up call for all on social media

17 Mar 2017 Nick GarbuttSocial Media, Governance

In the second of two articles on important legal judgments in the news this week, Nick Garbutt examines the implications of a Twitter libel case. 

The Ilott case: contested wills, charities and the law

17 Mar 2017 Nick GarbuttFunding, Fund Raising, Social Issues

There were two landmark legal cases of great interest to the sector this week.  Here Nick Garbutt examines the case of a woman who left all her money to charity, disinheriting her daughter. 

Another fudge for Integrated Education

10 Mar 2017 Ryan MillerEducation, Policy, Social Policy, Equality, Peace Process, Community Relations

Lagan College opened in 1981 with 28 pupils and no government funding (image courtesy

Integration is an oversubscribed aspect of our education system but continually faces barriers to growth. The burial of a new, independent and departmentally-commissioned report is just the latest example.

Stormont: why quieter voices need to be heard

9 Mar 2017 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Politics

It is time that quieter voices were heard in the current political debate. 

The art of understanding trauma

3 Mar 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, culture, Policy

Shannon Yee suffered acquired brain injury nearly a decade ago, before composing a show that puts the audience through her experience. She tells Scope about recovery and some of the direct benefits of artistic expression.

How NI cities are missing out on hundreds of millions of investment

28 Feb 2017 Nick Garbuttlocal government reform

Northern Ireland is missing out on hundreds of millions of pounds of regeneration money, partly as a result of the refusal by Stormont to devolve power to councils. 

Art imitating near death – a learning experience

24 Feb 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, culture, Social Policy

Shannon Yee’s Reassembled, Slightly Askew is a sensory experience that aims to replicate significant brain injury. Scope looks at a groundbreaking piece of art that has come again to Belfast’s Metropolitan Art Centre.

Troubles with bubbles

23 Feb 2017 Ryan MillerEducation, Equality, Social Policy, Policy, Health

Joe Kenny and his children

Joe Kenny - @j0ekenny - writes about his experience of being blind and going through Northern Ireland’s education system, and then onto college, in the 80s and 90s.

Donald Trump's mastery of the media

21 Feb 2017 Nick GarbuttMedia, Politics

Are media commentators under-estimating Donald Trump? Nick Garbutt asks if there is method to the apparent madness. 

Sight loss and schooling - an afterthought

17 Feb 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Education, Health

In the latest article in our series on education, we look at how the system helps - or, rather, does not really help - people with sight loss.

Suicide Prevention – another casualty in the Stormont stalemate

17 Feb 2017 Nick GarbuttHealth, Mental Health

In this powerful and important piece guest writer Pat McGreevy questions whether the political will to tackle suicide exists 

Sex education in schools – it’s not about sex

10 Feb 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Policy, Social Policy

Mark Breslin, Director of the FPA in Northern Ireland

Scope speaks with the Family Planning Association about how and why they think local sex education – or, rather, relationship and sexuality education – is inadequate.

Irish: how can an endangered language be a threat?

10 Feb 2017 Nick GarbuttEquality, culture

It is time we had a mature debate about the Irish language.  To do so we need to get a much broader context for our discussions. 

Four years and two months can be too young for school

3 Feb 2017 Ryan MillerEducation, Social Issues, Health

Scope takes a look at the school starting age and asks if it is too inflexible, and whether it should be the starting point for a revision of some of our methods in early-years development.

Paul McGill RIP

3 Feb 2017 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Journalist and trade unionist Paul McGill touched and inspired many with the great courage he displayed as he faced up to the illness that was to end his life. 

What the Supreme Court judgment really says about protests

2 Feb 2017 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

We’ve moved on a lot since the 1714 Riot Act. 

The benefits of learning Irish

27 Jan 2017 Ryan MillerEducation, Equality, Community Relations

Scope continues its focus on education in Northern Ireland with a look at the Irish language – discussing lifelong learning, bilingualism, immersion and increasing access.

Why good neighbours are worth their weight in gold

27 Jan 2017 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Economy

Everybody knows that if we were better neighbours and lived in stronger communities we’d not just be happier but better off, not just individually but collectively. 


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