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21 Sep 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy

X Chromosomes (per Wikipedia)

The media struggles to report on battling ideas unless there is a real battle involved. Covering concepts is inherently difficult but it could still be done better – whether you are talking health reform, or identity politics.

Strategy need to support attainment

15 Sep 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy; Education

Never mind academic selection, the ILiAD report identifies several wider issues that affect academic attainment. These need to be dealt with together.

Is music the answer to culture wars?

14 Sep 2017 Nick GarbuttThe Arts

Brendan McAleer, Regional Director of Ulster Comhaltas explains how he is trying to turn the cultural war on its head.

Education needs to be smarter

8 Sep 2017 Ryan MillerEducation

Last week’s NICCY report looked at the alarming costs paid by parents towards their children’s education. A closer look at the paper reveals deeper problems – and possible solutions.

Charities and cyber crime - what needs to be done

7 Sep 2017 Nick GarbuttSector Matters, cyber security

A survey has just been published that demonstrates the vulnerability of charities to cyber crime, Scope assesses the risks.

Gambling on the DUP

1 Sep 2017 Nick GarbuttPolicy

When Parliament reassembles on Tuesday 5 September the DUP will have its first opportunity to flex its muscles by forcing through an important measure to help combat the scourge of gambling addiction.  

Growing a good idea in the voluntary sector

1 Sep 2017 Ryan MillerHealth; Social Policy; Sector Issues

The Lord Mayor of Belfast visited CLARE last month

Community and voluntary work is done best at a local level. This makes scaling up a tricky prospect – but it is not impossible.

Floods: the real scandal we should all be talking about

25 Aug 2017 Nick GarbuttEnvironment

The reaction to the floods that devastated swathes of Northern Ireland this week failed to address a catastrophic failure of public policy. 

Entrusting health cuts to the public

24 Aug 2017 Ryan MillerHealth

The apparent need for £70m cuts in health is bad news - but finding extra cash won't fix the underlying problems, while our trusts have missed a chance to push for reform, and instead have washed their hands of the burden of leadership.

Ex offenders - an untapped resource?

18 Aug 2017 Nick GarbuttJustice; Social Policy; Sector Issues

There are proven ways to rehabilitate offenders. But is Northern Ireland up for it? 

Realistic expectations make Social Impact Bonds look worthwhile

17 Aug 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues; Funding

Social Impact Bonds, from

Social Impact Bonds have yet to come to Northern Ireland. Scope looks at this new funding model and decides their use is probably narrow – but they still have a use.

The biggest missed opportunity for NI's 3rd Sector

11 Aug 2017 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Public Procurement

There has been much coverage of the impact of no government on the sector. To date it has not featured what is surely the biggest lost opportunity of all. 

Brexit means what we make of it

11 Aug 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues; Social Policy; Health; Education; Equality; Economy

A lack of specifics on plans for Brexit negotiations, and what is planned for afterwards, is worrying - but it provides opportunities for shaping the future. NICVA recently published its position paper on Brexit. Scope takes a look.

The 'rape clause' - understandable opposition

4 Aug 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues; Equality; Social Policy; Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform comes to NI next month. Opposition to the two-child limit on tax credits in general - and the 'rape clause' in particular - has grown more voluble. Scope looks at women's groups' objections.

Kids Company. It couldn't happen here. Could it?

4 Aug 2017 Nick GarbuttGovernance, Sector Issues

The Insolvency Service is seeking to ban the former trustees of Kids Company from holding directorships for up to six years. It couldn’t happen here. Could it? 

Volunteering information

28 Jul 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy; Sector Issues

Volunteering means a lot of different things. To get the best out of it, we need information that is clearer on the distinctions, on how different people donate their time in different ways – and on what they achieve.

Northern Ireland's ecological disaster: the untold story

26 Jul 2017 Nick GarbuttEnvironment

Campaigners are setting about tackling Northern Ireland’s least known and most devastating ecological disaster, Scope explores a forgotten tragedy. 

Saving lives: focus on the RNLI

21 Jul 2017 Ryan MillerHealth; Sector Issues

RNLI volunteers deal with difficult circumstances

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is a rarity – a first-response emergency service operating on a voluntary basis. Scope shines a light on this successful and highly-thought-of organisation.

Mental Health: How GPs need to change

21 Jul 2017 Nick GarbuttHealth, Mental Health

All politicians of all parties both locally and in the UK say they want to address the crisis in mental health. 

Reforming prisons

14 Jul 2017 Ryan MillerJustice; Social Policy; Sector Issues

In the wake of some startling statistics about reoffending and youth justice, Scope looks at whether prisons represent the best way of reducing criminal behaviour.

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