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Welfare reform will cause housing crisis - report

14 Jul 2017 Nick GarbuttWelfare Reform

Homelessness and evictions are set for a sharp rise as welfare reform is implemented in Northern Ireland, according to a stark report. 

£1bn could provide extra mitigations against Welfare Reform

7 Jul 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy; Sector Issues; Health; Welfare Reform

Kevin Higgins (third from left) at the launch of Advice NI's Universal Credit helpline

The DUP’s money from Westminster could provide a softer landing for September’s changes to social security – but decisions like this will need to be made by a functioning Executive and Assembly.

A new era for fund raising

7 Jul 2017 Nick GarbuttFundraising Funding

Charity fund raising entered a new era this week with the establishment of the Funding Preference Service. 

Why City Deals are the best bit in the Tory/DUP pact

30 Jun 2017 Nick GarbuttRegeneration

The Conservative/DUP deal has been much dissected and analysed. Yet the one clause with the most transformative potential has been largely ignored. 

Less uncertainty is a good thing

27 Jun 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Politics, Sector Issues

PM Theresa May needed to do a deal and the DUP has taken home some policy concessions and a lot of money

The Tory-DUP deal at Westminster will remove some of the many layers of uncertainty plaguing local politics and policy – overall, good news for the third sector.

How to strengthen democracy in Northern Ireland through people power

23 Jun 2017 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

There is wisdom in a crowd. Picture credit: Timon Studler, Unsplash

The current political impasse at both Stormont and Westminster raises important issues for the Voluntary and Community Sector, not least whether the Civic Forum should be restored. Nick Garbutt explores the issues. 

Dormant Accounts Scheme living up to its name

21 Jun 2017 Ryan MillerFunding, Sector Issues

Mervyn Storey is one of four ministers to announce the same, still-unspent fund

Progress on the Dormant Accounts Scheme has indeed been dormant. Stormont has sat on over £7m of funding, earmarked for the third sector, for nearly ten years. Scope takes a look.

Stroke services require reform

16 Jun 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Health

The Stroke Association works with stroke survivors to create better services

Scope talks to the Stroke Association about why a restructuring in services could provide both improvements in acute care and – crucially – huge benefits in long-term care. 

Charities face more bad news as lottery revenues tumble

16 Jun 2017 Nick GarbuttFunding

Lottery operator Camelot has just ordered a review of its operations after ticket sales slumped by 8.8% in the last financial year. 

Redressing the balance: Early Years and the absence of men

9 Jun 2017 Nick GarbuttEducation, Early Years

Scope asks why 98% of employees in Early Years education are female, and whether that gender balance needs to be addressed. 

Why the Lobbying Act must be changed

9 Jun 2017 Ryan MillerEquality, Sector Issues

Patrick Corrigan from Amnesty International

The third sector has expertise that cannot be found elsewhere – if your aim is a better society then silencing organisations with know how is counterproductive.

Making the Global Goals relevant for citizens

2 Jun 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Funding, Health, Education, Sector Issues

Scope talks with the Northern Ireland Environment Link about their plans to improve awareness and understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How Northern Ireland can tackle food waste

2 Jun 2017 Nick GarbuttEnvironment, Social Enterprise

The biggest growth area for the Third Sector over the past few years has been food banks. A report published this week shows the extent of this. 

Fostering confidence: the importance of education in care

26 May 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Education, Equality

Kathleen Toner (far right) at the recent Foster Carer of the Year awarda

The children’s care system has always faced an uphill battle but nowadays there is plenty of cause for positivity. Scope talks to the Fostering Network about ongoing reform and successful initiatives.

Voting: not a blind ballot for everyone

25 May 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Politics, Human Rights, Equality

Joe Kenny and his children

The secret electoral ballot is a right some exercise zealously and others waive – but a few people don’t have a choice. Joe Kenny explains.

Adult social care needs reform - and the third sector

19 May 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy, Health, Mental Health

Older People's Commissioner Eddie Lynch

Older and vulnerable people at risk of becoming isolated from their community and its services can see improved provision.

The Power of Doing Good

18 May 2017 Nick GarbuttSector Matters, Sector Issues

The Third Sector is widely misunderstood and the value that it brings to society massively understated by politicians and policy makers. At Scope we want to address that. 

Grassroots are top of the tree

12 May 2017 Ryan MillerFunding, Social Policy, Policy, Sector Issues

No-one expects utopia, but NI can be a brighter place

The latest thinking in social innovation involves ideas that are led by the local community - i.e. those set to benefit - on every level, with support organisations like Amplify NI and even major funders like the Big Lottery Fund fully bought in.

Time to stem the tide of plastic ruining our shores

12 May 2017 Nick GarbuttEnvironment

Scope talks to Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful about the rising tide of damage caused by discarded single use plastic bottles and asks what can be done to combat the scourge. 

Why NI's budget crisis could easily have been avoided

5 May 2017 Ryan MillerPolicy, Sector Issues, Funding, Social Policy

Our last budget was signed off in January 2016 - but could have made provision for this period of uncertainty

By mirroring other jurisdictions and including multi-year spending plans in our annual budgets, Stormont could have avoided the tension and uncertainty that is plaguing Northern Ireland in 2017.

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