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How to get funded by the Big Lottery

23 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttFunding, Sector Issues

There will be winners and losers in the sector when the Big Lottery’s new strategy People in the Lead is rolled out, Scope reports. 

Social Innovation: the answer to the Sector's prayers?

21 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

With the funding crisis deepening by the day Scope examines a new approach which may help to transform communities and create social change. 

Second class citizens: how we pay the price for political stalemate

16 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttHuman Rights, Politics, Equality

Northern Ireland’s Executive is so dysfunctional that it is breaching peoples’ human rights, the United Nations was told this week. 

Lifeline: on the line

16 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerHealth, Funding, Mental Health, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Contact  MD Fergus Cumiskey

Scope takes a look at claims by the charity that operates Lifeline that new proposals for the 24/7 crisis phoneline it operates could undermine the service and place vulnerable lives at risk.

Arts cuts come with a health warning

9 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy

Arts Council chair Bob Collins

As the Arts Council finds itself hit by more cuts - most of which will have to be passed on to funded organisations - Scope speaks with chair Bob Collins, who says seeing the sector as a soft target misses the point and will lead to trouble.

Older people: "undervalued, unappreciated, patronised"

8 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Health

Claire Keatinge has plenty to say as she reflects on her four years in office as Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland.

The sticking plaster Bill that discriminates against young people

1 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttMental Health

The Mental Capacity Bill discriminates against children and represents a missed opportunity to protect the most vulnerable, argues Eamonn McNally from the Children’s Law Centre

Tax Credits Crunch - unpicking the July budget's effect on NI

1 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerWelfare Reform, Social Policy

The importance of Welfare Reform in Northern Ireland has shrunk, grown or both - depending on your views - thanks to the Chancellor's July budget. Over 100,000 homes have projected income reductions of over £1,600. Scope takes a look.

Uncertainty and the Stormont House Agreement

25 Sep 2015 Ryan MillerCommunity Relations, Politics

The panel at last week's launch of the model bill

Provisions for dealing with the past within the Stormont House Agreement have come in for much public criticism. Scope looks at whether confusion on the issues is related to a lack of honest dialogue with the public.

Health reform quietly gathers pace

25 Sep 2015 Nick GarbuttHealth, Sector Issues

Behind the headlines progress is being made in implementing the flagship Transforming Your Care programme, Scope reports. 

Why Bryson should be heard in public

18 Sep 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the decision to hold part of the Finance Committee's Nama investigation in private is a subversion of democracy. 

If Stormont falls we'll all be the worst for it

17 Sep 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The current political crisis is having unexpected consequences, Scope reports. 

Women and dealing with the past

17 Sep 2015 Ryan MillerPeace Process, Social Policy

Some of the Legacy Gender Integration Group at Tuesday's event

A report released this week says we need to better provide for female victims in order to address the legacy of conflict. Scope looks at its suggestions.

Behind the scenes at Sunday Sequence

11 Sep 2015 Nick GarbuttMedia

Scope meets Seamus Boyd, the driving force behind Radio Ulster’s flagship Sunday Sequence show. 

Can slavery be defeated?

10 Sep 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy

Forced labour remains a global scourge. Scope went along to a Law Centre NI conference and spoke with Kevin Hyland, UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and former top cop at the Met, about what can be done.

Refugees, migrants and Ireland

4 Sep 2015 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy

Scope editor Nick Garbutt reflects on the refugee crisis and looks back at Ireland's history of migration 

Every Lidl helps: helping charities can be super marketing for businesses

2 Sep 2015 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding

Paul Gibson (left) with the Lidl Community Works judges

Following the announcement of a new Lidl scheme to fund community groups across Northern Ireland, Scope asks whether partnerships between the voluntary and private sectors are a world of untapped potential.

Sector faces massive job losses, survey claims

28 Aug 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Scope reports on the latest threat to community and voluntary sector funding

Did the IRA go away?

27 Aug 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Peace Process

Are there any politicians and commentators who seriously did not know that the IRA still existed? 

Time to make the most of the welfare crisis

27 Aug 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Iain Duncan Smith in March 2010 in his role as Chairman of the Centre for Social Justice

Even if an under-pressure Iain Duncan Smith is forced from the cabinet his recent policies are set to run and run, writes Ian James Parsley. They have popular support and this is unlikely to change.


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