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UUP manifesto - education "the priority"

22 Apr 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Health, Education, Equality, Mental Health, Community Relations

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The latest major party manifesto to be released ahead of the Assembly elections comes from the UUP. Scope takes a look.

The importance and ethics of fund raising

22 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttFunding, Fundraising, Sector Issues, Health

Recent controversies have underlined how important it is to raise funds ethically. Scope asks Jayne Murray, head of the British Heart Foundation in Northern Ireland how it should be done. 

SDLP embraces integrated education

15 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Scope picks through the SDLP manifesto which contains a few surprises 

How to solve the homeless crisis

15 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy

Kerry Anthony, chief executive of Depaul analyses the homeless crisis and poses a solution 

Analysis of DUP Manifesto

8 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

There’s rarely any policy debate during Elections in Northern Ireland. Scope dissects the party manifestos, to see what else they stand for, starting with the DUP.

Brexit and Northern Ireland

8 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

The European referendum campaign has got off to an entertaining start, but rarely has any debate shed such little light on the real issues. 

Welfare sanctions in NI: the facts

1 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttWelfare Reform

Adam Tinson, senior research analyst at the New Policy Institute analyses the growing gap between benefits sanctions in Northern Ireland and GB. 

The Future of Doing Good

1 Apr 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Funding

The Big Lottery Fund has just published a report on the future of charities 

English now comes easier to those in need

25 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Community Relations

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Bizarre variations in English lessons for asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable immigrants have recently been ironed out by DEL. Scope hears why this is good for all of us.

Democracy and NI: the state we live in

22 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy, Equality, Social Media, Media, Education, Community Relations, Peace Process

A graphical representation of the deliberative system

What is the state of democracy in Northern Ireland? Many would give a one-word answer. But to improve the world around us we need engagement, and to embrace of nuance, complexity and the views of others. No-one said it was easy.

Is the third sector losing its way?

18 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, Community Relations

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Difficult questions were put to those in community and voluntary organisations at an Imagine! Belfast event this week. When does valid criticism end and self-flaggelation begin? Scope has a look.

The changing face of local poverty

16 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Welfare Reform, Equality, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The whys and wherefores of being poor in Northern Ireland are changing and could become more difficult to address, according to a new Joseph Rowntree Foundation report.

If New Zealand can ban zero hour contracts why can't we?

11 Mar 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Economy

This week New Zealand became the first country in the western world to ban zero hour contracts. Scope examines the issues. 

Political policing - a new map for murky terrain

11 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

This week the Committee for the Administration of Justice launched a paper designed to inform people about the whys and wherefores of public order policing - useful for a factual approach to oversight of the PSNI. Scope takes a look.

The truth about homelessness and street deaths

4 Mar 2016 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy

The recent death of a homeless man on the streets of Belfast has caused a furore and a flurry of emergency meetings as the authorities work out a response. 

NI transport is at a crucial time – and has an opportunity

4 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Social Policy, Equality, Sector Issues, Funding, Mental Health

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The recent consultation document on Accessible Transport appears to have forgotten about community providers – but are things that simple? Scope takes a look.

Savile, child abuse and the BBC

26 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttMedia

It has been a truly awful week for the BBC with the publication of two separate reports into its treatment of the Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall affairs.  

A more inclusive and mature public discourse – Imagine!

25 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Community Relations, Peace Process, Equality, Sector Issues

Actress Nuala McKeever supports the festival

The Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics returns to Belfast next month for its second year. Scope speaks to organiser Peter O’Neill about the gap it fills in public debate.

Time to waken the sleeping giant

19 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Politics

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the forthcoming elections provide the sector with the opportunity to fulfil its potential to influence political change. 

NICVA publishes manifesto ahead of elections

19 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerEducation, Environment, Health, Mental Health, Welfare Reform, Politics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Election seasons is upon us and Scope will have a heavy focus on policy. This week NICVA published its own paper. We highlight their ideas.


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