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NI transport is at a crucial time – and has an opportunity

4 Mar 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Social Policy, Equality, Sector Issues, Funding, Mental Health

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The recent consultation document on Accessible Transport appears to have forgotten about community providers – but are things that simple? Scope takes a look.

Savile, child abuse and the BBC

26 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttMedia

It has been a truly awful week for the BBC with the publication of two separate reports into its treatment of the Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall affairs.  

A more inclusive and mature public discourse – Imagine!

25 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Community Relations, Peace Process, Equality, Sector Issues

Actress Nuala McKeever supports the festival

The Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics returns to Belfast next month for its second year. Scope speaks to organiser Peter O’Neill about the gap it fills in public debate.

Time to waken the sleeping giant

19 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Politics

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the forthcoming elections provide the sector with the opportunity to fulfil its potential to influence political change. 

NICVA publishes manifesto ahead of elections

19 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerEducation, Environment, Health, Mental Health, Welfare Reform, Politics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Election seasons is upon us and Scope will have a heavy focus on policy. This week NICVA published its own paper. We highlight their ideas.

February health summit must bring results

12 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Social Policy, Equality, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Next week Prof. Rafael Bengoa and his panel will meet with our major parties. Agreeing principles for health reform is vital - time is short.

Does privatisation of the prison system work?

12 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Policy

With Northern Ireland getting its first taste of private sector involvement in the prison service, Scope looks at the impacts of wholescale privatisation of the justice system in England and Wales. 

Winners and losers at Maghaberry prison

5 Feb 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

The family visitor centre at Maghaberry prison, which, for so long was operated by the Quakers, is now being run by a private company.Here we provide a brief history of the work of both organisations without comment.  

New enforced labour measures could make things worse

5 Feb 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Health

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Our structures for tackling labour exploitation are a mess, but moves by the Home Office and DBIS might not help. Scope takes a look.

What now for welfare?

29 Jan 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Welfare Reform, Equality

Social security does not occur in a vacuum and, while Tory changes might look absurd by their own criteria, there are huge global socioeconomic trends that effect what is possible and these have no easy solutions.

Just how independent are charities in Northern Ireland?

29 Jan 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Scope unpicks the issues at the heart of a divisive debate as serious questions are raised about the sector’s independence

The biggest blockage to health reform?

22 Jan 2016 Nick GarbuttHealth, Politics

If you ever needed proof of the dysfunctionality of Northern Ireland’s health service it was delivered from an unexpected source this week, argues Scope editor Nick Garbutt. 

Welfare Reformed

21 Jan 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Mental Health, Health, Politics, Welfare Reform

Eileen Evason (centre) with members of her team that produced the WR mitigation report as well as the First and deputy First Minister

Scope takes a summary view of this week's paper on how to spend the £585m set aside for mitigation of Welfare Reform.

A peek in the red room – NI’s human rights worries for 2016

15 Jan 2016 Ryan MillerEquality, Peace Process, Social Policy, Politics

NI Human Rights Commissioner Les Allamby at the launch of the report at Stormont last month

Scope looks at the issues the NI Human Rights Commission has put on red alert for Northern Ireland in 2016.

Trans woman makes history as she stands for Assembly

13 Jan 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Policy

Scope meets Ellen Murray, the first transgender person to stand for election in Northern Ireland. 

The former Basque Minister charged with sorting out our health service

8 Jan 2016 Nick GarbuttHealth, Politics

Health Minister Simon Hamilton has just announced the composition of the expert panel charged with recommending how the health care system here should be transformed. 

Equality, austerity and peace in 2016

7 Jan 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Community Relations, Peace Process, Equality, Welfare Reform

Panel members at the October conference which led to the report

Scope looks at the Equality Coalition's recent report into a shrinking public purse, stagnant economy and the risk of violence - and concludes a relapse is currently unlikely but 2016 will be a big year for NI generally.

Harsh lessons charities must learn from in 2016

7 Jan 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Funding

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that 2015 was a year to forget for the Third Sector and it is time to learn lessons 

Let's get serious about the peace walls

18 Dec 2015 Nick GarbuttCommunity Relations, Peace Process

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that it is time for investment in interface communities. 

Snow wants human rights for Christmas (and forever more)

16 Dec 2015 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy, Equality

Jon Snow speaking this week at Stormont

Broadcaster Jon Snow came to Belfast this week for the launch of the NIHRC Annual Report - and took the opportunity to throw his full support behind human rights and their place at the centre of society.


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