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Special Report: State of the Sector

10 Aug 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, State of the Sector, Policy

NICVA has just published its State of the Sector report: the most accurate and comprehensive survey of the Community and Voluntary Sector in Northern Ireland.

Poverty: persistence and price

5 Aug 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Mental Health, Equality, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation released a report this week on the extra costs to the public purse as a consequence of poverty. Understanding some of their methodology helps put the figures in context.

Climate Change: what the future holds for us

5 Aug 2016 Nick GarbuttEnvironment

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK not to have a Climate Change Act. 

Corbyn, competence and the future of Labour

29 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Media, Social Policy, Social Media

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The closer you look at Jeremy Corbyn, the more the depth of his failings become apparent. His ability to gather new supporters by tapping into a particular vein of frustration should not be ignored - but leadership requires more.

Older Peoples' Commissioner shocked by PfG omission

29 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Policy

Scope meets Eddie Lynch, the new Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland. 

Sugden to face abortion test

28 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttHuman Rights, Politics, Social Policy

It will not be long before we find out what new Justice Minister Claire Sugden meant when she said she would adopt a “subtle” approach to abortion. 

Key report on health reform completed

27 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Media, Politics

The Health Minister and Prof. Bengoa

The international panel of experts brought in to examine how best we can avoid disaster and create a solid Health and Social Care has finished its work. Now it's over to politicans - and the rest of us - the first signs are hopeful.

Do we really need a Secretary of State for Northern Ireland?

22 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Scope editor Nick Garbutt asks if we really need a Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. 

Citizen’s income and globalisation’s crisis of confidence

22 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy, Welfare Reform, Equality

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The global village was meant to bring harmony and prosperity to the human race, is progressing roughly as predicted – and is in a state of peril. One mooted solution is free cash for everyone.

Commons and goings: May, Brokenshire and Northern Ireland

15 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Peace Process, Community Relations, Politics

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

The reshuffle in Westminster’s House of Cards is over. Scope looks at what this means for Northern Ireland – including a possible intriguing border carve up.

Brexit: not just a political crisis but a crisis for politics

15 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The Brexit crisis is rapidly mutating from a grave political crisis into a crisis about politics itself. 

Brexit, Northern Ireland and the third sector

8 Jul 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Sector Issues, Funding

Seamus McAleavey

The UK is going to leave the EU and, while uncertainty about the future is high, everyone now has to begin to adapt. Scope talks with NICVA CEO Seamus McAleavey.

The BBC demotes its boss in Northern Ireland

8 Jul 2016 Nick Garbuttculture, Media, Politics

Putting out bad or highly contentious statements on a busy news day is one of the oldest and sneakiest tricks in the book. 

Programme for Government: the next steps

1 Jul 2016 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Sector Issues

Everyone in the voluntary sector would like to have a role in shaping public policy. With the Programme for Government out for consultation now is the time to act. 

Consistency needed for children whose lives lack just that

30 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Education, Mental Health, Equality

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Last month saw horrific revelations concerning separated children within Northern Ireland. Scope hears how implementation of already-passed legislation could make huge improvements.

Brexit and globalisation: is this any more than a bureaucratic change?

24 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Fears over the economic and cultural impact of immigration drove the UK from the EU, but what if Brexit provides no solutions and only makes these problems worse?

What does Brexit mean for Northern Ireland?

24 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

UKIP leader Nigel Farage wants the 24 June to be a public holiday, Independence Day. 

An awful question that will not go away ...

17 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Gerry McAlinden former Head of the Northern Ireland Centre in Europe argues that we should remain in Europe for the sake of future generations 

Openness and Stormont's new government

17 Jun 2016 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Policy

Illustration by Patrick Sanders

Scope has already examined the potential positives from Stormont’s new outcomes-based approach. However, some are sceptical.

"Say yes to the world's most successful peace building project"

15 Jun 2016 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Sector Issues

In our second contribution Lisa McElherron Head of Public Affairs at NICVA states the case for Remain. 


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