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Social Innovation in action: The Clare Project

26 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttFunding

Social Innovation is the new big thing for the sector. But there’s a problem. Although it is a very simple concept its proponents are so fond of jargon that few understand what it is all about. 

Widening the gap: Education department policy discriminates against migrant children

26 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttEducation

Pamela Yeh has returned to Northern Ireland after eight years abroad to face the nightmare of the school transfer tests …

Why apathy remains an enemy: democracy still functions, if only just

20 Nov 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics, Equality

June's marriage equality rally in Belfast made a difference to the Assembly vote

Northern Irish political progress has three gears - slow, stop and reverse - but even though it was killed by a Petition of Concern, the latest marriage equality vote in Stormont shows the public can still force change.

What each of the new government departments will do

18 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The Fresh Start agreement outlines how the new government departments will be structured in Northern Ireland. For the benefit of our readers here is that section in full …

The end for LGBT? Why trans issues should be separate

18 Nov 2015 Ryan MillerEquality, Social Policy

Transgender support and rights charity Focus, the Identity Trust, speaks with Scope about why treating the issues it deals with alongside lesbian, gay and bisexual matters is wrong.

Northern Ireland's mental health crisis: is the worst yet to come?

13 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttMental Health, Health

Northern Ireland has the highest incidence of mental ill health in the UK and yet spends less on its prevention and treatment than anywhere else. 

Hamilton's health reform: Mission Impossible?

13 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttHealth

Health Minister Simon Hamilton is throwing himself into reform of the health service: but is this mission impossible? 

Shameful, scandalous, time for an independent inquiry

6 Nov 2015 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy

Scope editor Nick Garbutt on Northern Ireland's "Dickensian" prison.

Frances Black: addiction is toxic, it wants to destroy everything it can

6 Nov 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Mental Health, Health

Frances Black (centre) at Tuesday's conference

Scope speaks with Irish singer Frances Black about her work as an addiction counsellor and the founder of RISE, a support group for the loved ones of those with addiction, which follow on from her own battles with alcohol.

Equality, austerity and the threat of violence

29 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Peace Process, Community Relations, Equality, Welfare Reform

Panel members from the recent Equality Coalition's austerity and inequality event

If people lose faith in what society offers then violence can rear its head. Scope looks at recent efforts from the Equality Coalition into whether there is a risk of a Troubles relapse as the public purse tightens and our economy splutters.

Should charities be forced to pay rates?

27 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Finance Minister Arlene Foster has just opened a consultation on the rating system that could have significant implications for charities here. 

How to get funded by the Big Lottery

23 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttFunding, Sector Issues

There will be winners and losers in the sector when the Big Lottery’s new strategy People in the Lead is rolled out, Scope reports. 

Social Innovation: the answer to the Sector's prayers?

21 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

With the funding crisis deepening by the day Scope examines a new approach which may help to transform communities and create social change. 

Second class citizens: how we pay the price for political stalemate

16 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttHuman Rights, Politics, Equality

Northern Ireland’s Executive is so dysfunctional that it is breaching peoples’ human rights, the United Nations was told this week. 

Lifeline: on the line

16 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerHealth, Funding, Mental Health, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Contact  MD Fergus Cumiskey

Scope takes a look at claims by the charity that operates Lifeline that new proposals for the 24/7 crisis phoneline it operates could undermine the service and place vulnerable lives at risk.

Arts cuts come with a health warning

9 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy

Arts Council chair Bob Collins

As the Arts Council finds itself hit by more cuts - most of which will have to be passed on to funded organisations - Scope speaks with chair Bob Collins, who says seeing the sector as a soft target misses the point and will lead to trouble.

Older people: "undervalued, unappreciated, patronised"

8 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Health

Claire Keatinge has plenty to say as she reflects on her four years in office as Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland.

The sticking plaster Bill that discriminates against young people

1 Oct 2015 Nick GarbuttMental Health

The Mental Capacity Bill discriminates against children and represents a missed opportunity to protect the most vulnerable, argues Eamonn McNally from the Children’s Law Centre

Tax Credits Crunch - unpicking the July budget's effect on NI

1 Oct 2015 Ryan MillerWelfare Reform, Social Policy

The importance of Welfare Reform in Northern Ireland has shrunk, grown or both - depending on your views - thanks to the Chancellor's July budget. Over 100,000 homes have projected income reductions of over £1,600. Scope takes a look.

Uncertainty and the Stormont House Agreement

25 Sep 2015 Ryan MillerCommunity Relations, Politics

The panel at last week's launch of the model bill

Provisions for dealing with the past within the Stormont House Agreement have come in for much public criticism. Scope looks at whether confusion on the issues is related to a lack of honest dialogue with the public.


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