About ScopeNI

About ScopeNI

Our mission is to provide the voluntary and community sector and other interested parties with clear, incisive news, information and analysis on public policy and important developments that affect organisations in the sector and the people they work with.

We hope to stimulate more discussion and debate about policy and thereby contribute to a stronger civil society.

In all that we do we aim to live up to our pledge: Our Strength is Our Depth. Our journalism is independent of both funders and advertisers.

Editorial Policy

The purpose of ScopeNI is to publish news, analysis, comment and insights into public policy and thereby to enhance civil society.

We are committed to do so with integrity and aspire to build the trust and confidence of all our readers. Our goals are to be fair and balanced and to operate without fear or favour. We will correct any errors, promptly and uphold the highest editorial standards. Subject to legal restraints and editorial standards we do not censor contributors and illustrators.

ScopeNI is funded by NICVA for the benefit of its members, but is independently written and edited to ensure impartiality.