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One final article – a goodbye

29 Jun 2023 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

The time is right for Scope to close. It’s been a decade of long reads, alternative journalism, and the opportunity for important issues to have a platform. And – hopefully – some good insights.

No-one knows where the jobs market is going

22 Jun 2023 Ryan MillerWork, Sector Issues, Employment, Social Policy

Where are we going (image features the cover of Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley)

Employment is a tentpole for society. Working keeps people well, produces stuff we need, and gives people money to pay their bills and live a life. However, we have no idea what the jobs market will look like in the near future.

A story to inspire ...

20 Jun 2023 Nick GarbuttSocial History

We can and we should learn from the past. Whatever lies ahead has happened before: we should try to take lessons from that.

Austerity is a choice, and it looks like a bad one

14 Jun 2023 Ryan MillerPublic finances, Funding, Spending, Austerity, Sector Issues

The UK could do more to invest in its future (image is a still of Mark Lester as the titular character in 1968's Oliver!)

Northern Ireland – and the rest of the UK - could have a bigger budget. It’s a matter of choice. Public spending now that saves money later is a good investment.

The shameful waste of our money

14 Jun 2023 Nick GarbuttPublic Expenditure

Sometimes the really important stories that affect us all do not get covered.

Fund's new strategy unveiled

8 Jun 2023 Nick GarbuttFunding

The National Lottery Community Fund published its new strategy this week.

When money is tight, campaigning is more important than ever

7 Jun 2023 Ryan MillerWelfare Reform, Universal Credit, Welfare Mitigations, Cliff Edge Coalition

The Department for Communities is consulting on its budget. Northern Ireland’s welfare mitigation payments are at risk. Those who want (at least some) payments that protect vulnerable people to continue should speak up.

New toolkit launched for parents of children with disabilities

2 Jun 2023 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, SEN, Disability, Children and Young People, Parenting

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

A new toolkit for people whose children have disabilities – and written by parents, for parents – could be transformative for mums and dads who feel overwhelmed.

The true cost of deprivation and division

2 Jun 2023 Nick GarbuttPoverty; segregation; peace

Scope has long argued that peace-building is a process and not an event.

An ancient key to longevity

25 May 2023 Nick GarbuttSocial Housing, Health

Researchers believe they have uncovered one of the keys to a longer life. And the answer has been staring them in the face for more than a thousand years.

Will we fail once more on mental health?

24 May 2023 Ryan MillerMental Health, Budget, Social Policy, Funding

Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

A new report from the Audit Office says Northern Ireland’s ten-year mental health strategy risks failure due to a lack of financial support.

A blueprint for Northern Ireland's Third Sector

18 May 2023 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Northern Ireland now has a blueprint on how to unleash the potential of civil society to the benefit of all.

Impact: it’s not the work you do, it’s what that work achieves

16 May 2023 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, outcomes, OBA, impact, inspiring impact

Money is very tight; organisations have to spend it well (photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash)

Focusing on outcomes won’t address all the third sector’s challenges, but it will help organisations get the most out of whatever resources they have.

Social security is inadequate – what will government do about it?

10 May 2023 Ryan MillerWelfare Reform, Universal Credit, Social Policy, Poverty, Sector Issues, Cliff Edge Coalition

Westminster sets the tone for social security around the UK (photo by Denis Fuchidzhiev on Unsplash)

The Cliff Edge Coalition NI relaunched its campaign last week. A lot has changed since 2018, almost none of it good, and the cliff edge faced by much of society has grown much higher.

Pushed into secrecy: stigma and self-harm

5 May 2023 Nick GarbuttMental Health

A troubling new report published by the Samaritans shows the terrible effects of stigma on those who self-harm.

Could the cost-of-living crisis be even bigger than we thought? See for yourself

3 May 2023 Ryan MillerHealth, Cost of Living, Sector Issues, Social Policy, Inflation

Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash

New ONS analysis shows where inflation is really pressurising household budgets. Some basics are up by over 40%. Meanwhile a new online tool will let you check how inflation is affecting you and your family, specifically.

Segregation: Must we still pay the price?

28 Apr 2023 Nick GarbuttIntegrated Education

With essential services in Northern Ireland now at risk because of the lack of a Stormont budget, and departments facing massive spending cuts we can no longer afford to waste money by duplicating services.

Is a public services meltdown on the cards?

27 Apr 2023 Ryan MillerEducation, Stormont, Budget, Health, Mental Health, Politics

Photo by Georgiana Avram on Unsplash

The Secretary of State’s budget is here. A bonfire of services seems likely. With a focus on education, Scope looks at cuts that are already in motion – and outlines the consequences.

You can't always get what you want ...

20 Apr 2023 Nick GarbuttPolicy

You can understand why some politicians in Northern Ireland might not be too uncomfortable escaping the responsibilities that come with power.

If you want to protect the union, get back to Stormont

20 Apr 2023 Ryan MillerGood Friday Agreement, Social Policy, Stormont, Politics

As most people celebrate the Good Friday Agreement, hardline unionist politicians have their heads in the sand – to the detriment of Northern Ireland, and also themselves.


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