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This latest spending cut will boost crime

27 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttSocial Issues

This latest spending cut will boost crime

Scope cartoonist Patrick Sanders sums up that there is to be said about the devastating cuts to NIACRO and the impact on re-settling offenders. 

The irony of calling quotas patronising

25 Mar 2015 Guest AuthorPolitics, Equality

Adrianne Peltz believes in the benefits of quotas

This month Scope has chosen to discuss gender quotas in politics. Here political activist - and feminist - Adrianne Peltz outlines why many of the standard objections are objectionable.

Pity the poor children of the cuts

25 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttEducation

We could all end up paying a very high price for cuts to Early Years services, Scope explores the implications.

The need for new politics in NI

23 Mar 2015 Ryan MillerPolitics

Peter O'Neill with Belfast Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon

This month Belfast hosted Imagine! - a "festival of ideas and politics". Scope speaks to director Peter O'Neill about why he thinks it was important and his hopes for making it an annual event.

Gender quotas? Do me a favour - politicians are all the same anyway

23 Mar 2015 Guest AuthorPolitics, Equality

Alex Kane

Political commentator Alex Kane explains why quotas for female politicians will never get his vote.

Saving the Festival is like nailing legs to a cadaver and telling it to walk

23 Mar 2015 Guest AuthorThe Arts

Tom Collins who had oversight of the Belfast Festival at Queens for 11 years explains why he believes it cannot be saved. 

BIG new youth fund has fresh focus

19 Mar 2015 Ryan MillerFunding, Sector Issues

Conor Largey benefitted from Big Lottery support

Collaboration with youth at every stage is a new requirement for any groups looking to access some of the Big Lottery's new £50m pot aimed at Empowering Young People.

A lost opportunity: how the public sector could grow the economy by promoting innovation

19 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

The public sector currently spends £2.7 billion a year. Scope examines how this massive spending power could be used to grow the economy and produce better services

The case for gender quotas in politics

16 Mar 2015 Ryan MillerPolitics, Equality

The statue of Boudica at Hyde Park Corner in London

In the past week female representation in politics has been at the forefront of debate. But has a new Stormont report moved anything forward - and was it wrong to rule out quotas? Scope examines the issue.

Lagan Valley MLAs on Twitter: what's the worst that could happen?

15 Mar 2015 Ryan MillerPolitics, Social Media

Lagan Valley MLAs on Twitter

The Shakespearean horror of one MLA's destruction through salvation dominates our latest social media overview, as Scope turns to the greater Lisburn area (no doubt a big influence on the bard).

Sticking to the knitting: the real threat to charities

13 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

Charities Knitting Machine Cartoon

Scope examines how government is undermining the independence of charities.

East Belfast MLAs on Twitter: the calm before the storm

4 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Media

East Belfast MLAs on Twitter

Scope visits East Belfast soon to be the scene of a ferocious General Election contest to check out its MLAs online activity. 

Self Harm: The Inner Scream

27 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttMental Health

Self Harm illustration

An alarming report about the extent of self harm in Northern Ireland has just been published. Scope looks at the facts. 

Phil Flanagan MLA: an apology

26 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Media

In a recent article Scope described Phil Flanagan MLA as a “bad boy of Twitter."

Analysis: new age discrimination laws will discriminate against children

25 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

New age discrimination laws

Policy makers responsible for Northern Ireland’s long awaited age discrimination legislation are themselves being accused of age discrimination.

Playing Our Part: how the BBC is redefining charity appeals

25 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

BBC Northern Ireland has been breathing new life into its most venerable institution, the charity appeal. Scope reports.

Opinion: spare the fireworks, change some minds

23 Feb 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Field Office

Public discourse is peppered with bombast. It has no use and dilutes the quality of debate - if you want people to rethink their opinions then pick your words more carefully.

Fermanagh and S Tyrone: a silent Minister and a Twitter "bad boy"

23 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Media

Fermanagh and S Tyrone MLAs on Twitter

After gritty North Belfast, our Twitter tour sees us seeking out the MLAs of the idyllic countryside of Fermanagh and South Tyrone whose steeples are far from dreary.

Is Lottery funding being undermined?

19 Feb 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Funding

Across the Irish Sea moves are afoot that could threaten the National Lottery and the charities in Northern Ireland that depend on its funding, Scope investigates

Contagious confusion - mixing up the messages

19 Feb 2015 Ryan MillerNo Topics

Sam McBride interviewing Valerie Watts

Following our look at how our politics may be set up to drive the local health system to ruin, Scope spoke with News Letter political correspondent Sam McBride about whether things can change.


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