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Justice is expensive

3 Aug 2018 Ryan MillerJustice, Equality, Social Policy

Legal aid reforms in England and Wales have posed problems for the DoJ here.

Local legal aid costs are very high. However, reforms in England and Wales highlight real problems of trying to reduce them effectively.

The crisis that will not go away: the scandal in the aid sector

1 Aug 2018 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Charity Regulation

There is much more to the sexual exploitation and abuse scandal in the aid sector than the shocking headlines in the media this week suggest.

Democracy is changing

27 Jul 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Politics

Democracy is changing

Politics feels increasingly fractious, perhaps irrevocably broken. That is a blinkered view. The only thing that is certain is change, not ruin.

How to prepare for climate change

27 Jul 2018 Nick GarbuttEnvironment, Policy

A glorious summer has been soured by recent apocalyptic headlines about multiple future deaths as summer temperatures rise.

Modern media and self esteem

20 Jul 2018 Ryan MillerMental Health, Health, culture, Education, Social Policy

More young people are calling Childline due to eating disorders. Media can affect self esteem - but while it is fair to ask for certain standards from providers, it is more important to prepare young people for life in the digital age.

The true cost of poor housing: illness and death

20 Jul 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth, Housing, Social Policy

Good health is about much more than a good health service. There are many more factors that affect our well being than that.

A lifetime of Early Years

16 Jul 2018 Ryan MillerEducation, Health, Mental Health, Equality, Social Policy

Siobhan Fitzpatrick CBE, CEO of Early Years - the organisation for young people, was awarded an honorary doctorate by QUB last week. Scope talks with her about four decades of pioneering child development.

Brexit, the border and English nationalism

16 Jul 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Jacob Rees-Mogg debating at the Cambridge Union

It’s a few days before the Brexit crisis broke. A tall bespectacled Englishman wearing a double breasted suit is straddling the Irish border, speaking to Sky TV.

Children in NI face plenty of problems (part two)

5 Jul 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Education, Mental Health, Welfare Reform, Justice

Koulla Yiasouma

The second half of our look at NICCY’s Statement on Children’s Rights in NI focuses on safeguarding – including protections from child sexual exploitation and bullying, and fair treatment for those subject to immigration control.

Just what the doctor ordered?

3 Jul 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth

Big Lottery has just announced a £3 million grant to a social prescribing project covering Northern Ireland and Scotland, Scope asks if its money well spent.

Children in NI face plenty of problems (part one)

29 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Health, Education, Mental Health, Welfare Reform

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) has just released a comprehensive report on the problems faced by local children right now. It deserves close attention.

Rough Justice: the failure of short prison sentences

28 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttJustice, Social Policy

This week a government minister made an astonishing admission that should prompt debate about how we punish offenders for minor crimes.

The health system needs to work for everyone

22 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerMental Health, Health, Equality, Social Policy

Over 100 people with learning disabilities die unnecessarily in UK hospitals every month. This needs to change.

Why we should be more upbeat about health reform

22 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth

Most health experts in England were scratching their heads this week at Theresa May’s much trumpeted £20 billion anniversary present to the NHS.

Dunmurry Manor: what next?

15 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth; Social Care

The media has been all over Home Truths, the Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland’s  investigation into Dunmurry Manor care home this week.

Management has a vital role in saving the NHS, says Bengoa

15 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy; Health; Equality

Northern Ireland could be world leaders in health and social care, according to Professor Rafael Bengoa - author of a key report on the need for reform in NI – with good management at the heart of change.

Shedding light on personality disorder

8 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttMental Health

It is sadly ironic that we appear to know more about the outer limits of the solar system than the inner workings of the mind.

Universal Credit: more reasonable in Northern Ireland

8 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform faces plenty of controversies, but the Department for Communities has taken a more sympathetic approach than is seen in GB. Scope speaks to Law Centre NI about their DfC funded guide to avoiding sanctions.

Ask the question – how talking about philanthropy can make it happen

1 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, Mental Health

Siofra Healy (front, centre) and representatives from some of the other groups involved with Philanthropy Fortnight

The Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Fortnight was a success – and the organisation says the more we talk about donations, the more we will see.

The curious demise of the street party

1 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Community

New legislation designed to encourage more street parties in Northern Ireland appears to have had the opposite effect, Scope investigates.

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