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The health system needs to work for everyone

22 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerMental Health, Health, Equality, Social Policy

Over 100 people with learning disabilities die unnecessarily in UK hospitals every month. This needs to change.

Why we should be more upbeat about health reform

22 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth

Most health experts in England were scratching their heads this week at Theresa May’s much trumpeted £20 billion anniversary present to the NHS.

Dunmurry Manor: what next?

15 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth; Social Care

The media has been all over Home Truths, the Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland’s  investigation into Dunmurry Manor care home this week.

Management has a vital role in saving the NHS, says Bengoa

15 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy; Health; Equality

Northern Ireland could be world leaders in health and social care, according to Professor Rafael Bengoa - author of a key report on the need for reform in NI – with good management at the heart of change.

Shedding light on personality disorder

8 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttMental Health

It is sadly ironic that we appear to know more about the outer limits of the solar system than the inner workings of the mind.

Universal Credit: more reasonable in Northern Ireland

8 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform faces plenty of controversies, but the Department for Communities has taken a more sympathetic approach than is seen in GB. Scope speaks to Law Centre NI about their DfC funded guide to avoiding sanctions.

Ask the question – how talking about philanthropy can make it happen

1 Jun 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, Mental Health

Siofra Healy (front, centre) and representatives from some of the other groups involved with Philanthropy Fortnight

The Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Fortnight was a success – and the organisation says the more we talk about donations, the more we will see.

The curious demise of the street party

1 Jun 2018 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Community

New legislation designed to encourage more street parties in Northern Ireland appears to have had the opposite effect, Scope investigates.

Sanctions have been a dystopian farce but there are wider problems for social security

25 May 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Welfare Reform, Equality

A major report from Welfare Conditionality, released this week, slammed the sanctions programme that is a key strut of Universal Credit. Scope takes a look.

How to tackle hate crime

23 May 2018 Nick GarbuttJustice; Social Issues;, Equality

NIACRO has just secured €763,280 in European Union Peace IV funding to tackle hate crime in Northern Ireland.  

Political uncertainty puts UK charities on the back foot

17 May 2018 Ryan MillerFunding, Sector Issues, Politics, Brexit

A large project mapping the environment for philanthropy around the world says the UK suffers in comparison with its European peers.

Hearing loss can be devastating - it can also be helped

17 May 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Funding, Health, Equality, Mental Health

Volunteer Melissa and service user Patricia

It's Deaf Awareness Week, and Scope spoke with Action on Hearing Loss about a vital service which helps older people feeling lonely and desperate - a service searching for more funding and volunteers.

The potential for citizens’ income remains a hopeful, tricky mystery

11 May 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Sector Issues, Economy

An experiment with citizens’ income has been enthusiastically branded a failure before any results are in. The truth is less straightforward – and unclear. Regardless, creative thinking needs support, not scorn.

Mind the Gap: the looming intergenerational crisis

9 May 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

An influential think tank has just produced a policy paper designed to tackle the looming intergenerational crisis which endangers young people, children and those yet to be born.

The end of the road for the Building Change Trust

4 May 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Building Change Trust

The Building Change Trust (BCT) is due to wind up in December after ten years, during which it has distributed more than £12 million, Scope reports.

Childcare – a local problem

3 May 2018 Ryan MillerEducation, Social Policy, Sector Issues, Equality

Lord Mayor of Belfast Nuala McAllister preparing for a parents and tots morning at City Hall

A lack of vision and direction means parents, providers and their staff, employers, the local economy – and, above all, children – are all missing out.­

Secular disagreements and the risk of circular discussions

27 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerEquality, Sector Issues, Human Rights, Social Policy, Health, Justice

A still from the new NIHRC/EANI animation

Northern Ireland - like much of the world - is becoming more secular. However, this means different things to different people, which makes the process more difficult.

Wellbeing - sounds great but what does it mean?

25 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttFunding, Policy

The Carnegie Trust has recently announced a £350,000 fund for “embedding wellbeing” in Northern Ireland. This sounds great. But what does it mean?

It's time for a grown up debate about how we pay for care

20 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttSocial Care, Health

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the time has now come for a full, mature and honest debate about how we pay for social care

Health reform: different places, same story

20 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Our politicians have largely failed to progress health reform - due to problems mirrored elsewhere - but their absence does not really make things easier.

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