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Who cares for the carers?

10 Jun 2022 Nick GarbuttHealth and Social Care

Our health care system is completely dependent on a vast unpaid army of carers.

Northern Ireland needs to learn to communicate

9 Jun 2022 Ryan MillerMental Health, Wellbeing, Social Policy, Relationships

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Local people know the crippling effect relationship distress can have on their lives. However, most are reluctant to discuss their problems – and many don’t even know how.

Stormont can stretch the bounds of process and at least do *something*

1 Jun 2022 Ryan MillerEducation, Health, Cost of Living, Stormont, Politics

Roll up, roll up! (Photo by Becky Phan on Unsplash)

Is Stormont about to get weird? Maybe. Is weird better than silent? Yes.

The cost of living crisis

1 Jun 2022 Nick GarbuttWelfare

The cost of living crisis is causing devastation for the least well off.

Young people: why they need to take the lead

27 May 2022 Nick Garbuttleadership

 Young people, defined as those under 30, comprise 50% of the world’s population. This will rise to 75% by 2030.

Is Northern Ireland moving away from paramilitarism? Maybe, maybe not

25 May 2022 Ryan MillerParamilitarism, Sectarianism, Social Issues, Divided Society, Justice, Economy

A mural on the Lower Newtownards Road (image from UU's CAIN database)

While the headlines are filled with stories that feel out of time, local perceptions about the reach of Loyalist and Republican gangs are changing slowly, if they are changing at all.

The cost of living and the cost of governmental collapse

19 May 2022 Ryan MillerPolitics, Stormont, Executive, Cost of Living, Poverty, Sector Issues

Photo by Nicholas Cappello on Unsplash

There is no magic fix for the cost-of-living crisis. Plenty of things might help but, with no Executive in place, Stormont can’t do any of them.

Citizenship education: what's gone wrong

18 May 2022 Nick GarbuttEducation

What sort of young people do we want emerging from our schools?

The DUP's great gamble

13 May 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The DUP is smarting from an election defeat.

Re-wilding Northern Ireland

12 May 2022 Ryan MillerEnvironment, Nature, Trees, Politics

Trees in Stormont Estate (photo by Joel Nevius on Unsplash)

Fixing Northern Ireland’s biodiversity issues requires active measures that will be difficult without an Executive.

Manifestos: the DUP

3 May 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The final piece in our series analysing party manifestos looks at the DUP.

Manifestos: the SDLP

3 May 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Next up in our guide to Election manifestos is a party devoted to making lists, the SDLP.

Manifestos: Sinn Fein

3 May 2022 Ryan MillerAssembly elections, AE22, Politics, Manifestos

Scope’s manifesto series continues with the party that is leading in all the polls.

Manifestos: People Before Profit

3 May 2022 Ryan MillerAE22, Assembly Election, Politics

The manifesto series continues with People Before Profit. Will they return more than one MLA this time round? Read about their pitch to voters here.

Manifestos: the Green Party of Northern Ireland

29 Apr 2022 Ryan MillerAssembly Election, Politics, AE22

Scope’s look at party manifestos ahead of the Assembly election on May 5 continues.

Manifestos: the Alliance Party

28 Apr 2022 Ryan MillerElections, Politics, AE22

Next in our election series looking at party manifestos comes those most significant others, Alliance.

Manifestos: Traditional Unionist Voice

28 Apr 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Next up in Scope’s series on election manifestos is the TUV, which wants to reform Stormont so it’s more like the EU.

Manifestos: the Ulster Unionist Party

27 Apr 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

The Assembly election takes place next Thursday. Scope will examine each of the local party’s manifestos in turn. First up is the UUP.

Good mental health starts in early years

21 Apr 2022 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Early Years

Photo by Robert on Unsplash

If interventions are better early rather than late, then perhaps it makes sense to make them as soon as possible.

Calling time on the last taboo

21 Apr 2022 Nick GarbuttDeath

Death continues to be the last great taboo.


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