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Calling time on the last taboo

21 Apr 2022 Nick GarbuttDeath

Death continues to be the last great taboo.

Youth organisations have a big role in improving child mental health

7 Apr 2022 Ryan MillerWellbeing, Mental Health, Children and Young People, Sector Issues, Funding, Social Policy, Education

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

The wellbeing of Northern Ireland’s children and young people remains a concern. Local youth groups could do with better financial support – and help building systems where they can collaborate.

Climate change: reasons for optimism

7 Apr 2022 Nick GarbuttClimate Change

There’s good reason for us to be optimistic as we strive to eliminate our carbon footprint.

Hear me out – having a government is good, actually

31 Mar 2022 Ryan MillerPolicy, Politics, Community Relations, Health, Economy, Cost of Living, Brexit

It's election season

Poll results ahead of the Stormont election show that Stormont could achieve a huge amount – if only politics didn’t get in the way.

Stormont: is this goodbye?

30 Mar 2022 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Many commentators are predicting that this Stormont Executive and Assembly will be the last.

Poverty in Northern Ireland

24 Mar 2022 Nick GarbuttPoverty

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has just published a survey of poverty in Northern Ireland which compares rates here to elsewhere in the UK.

Pre-election health check

24 Mar 2022 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Wellbeing

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Healthcare in NI is on its knees. Restructuring the system and reducing massive waiting lists are key electoral issues. But how are people doing in general?

The hardest word

18 Mar 2022 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy; Justice

There was a minute of silence. Then, one by one, four ministers spoke. It was a profoundly moving occasion.

Children with additional needs struggle to find a place to play

17 Mar 2022 Ryan MillerEducation, Play, Child Development, Health, Mental Health, Physical Activity

All children should be able to use play parks. However, new research shows that many children with additional needs still struggle to find places that allow them to pursue this fundamental part of childhood.

Dentistry: a service in decay

10 Mar 2022 Nick GarbuttHealth

Those who want to see what the future is likely to hold for health services do not have far to look, because it is already happening in dentistry.

The justice system needs more sympathy for victims of child sexual abuse

8 Mar 2022 Ryan MillerJustice, Health, Mental Health, Children and Young People, Child Sexual Abuse, Barnahus

Children's Commissioner Koulla Yiasouma

Children and young people who report abuse are left isolated by a justice system that is not adjusted to their needs. The Children’s Commissioner wants that to change. This could mean huge reform of how criminal trials work.

Education reform: a close look at costs might concentrate minds ...

4 Mar 2022 Nick GarbuttIntegrated Education

Every now and again our politicians display the capacity to render the rest of us speechless.

The accidental greatness of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

28 Feb 2022 Ryan MillerFreedom, leadership, Politics, Corruption

The Ukrainian President speaking to his people, and the world

Decency, bravery and the keenest sense of personal responsibility have turned a successful actor and comedian into a man of legend.

What charities exist for ...

25 Feb 2022 Nick GarbuttSector Issues

One of the more disturbing aspects of government over the past few years has been the tendency at Westminster to regard charities as subjects for hostility, rather than co-operation.

Can children make their parents care about climate change?

22 Feb 2022 Ryan MillerEducation, Parenting, Children and Young People, Social Policy, Environment, Climate Change

Photo by Artem Kniaz on Unsplash

A survey of NI parents found, for the first time, that climate change is an emerging worry. This could change attitudes across all of society – and lead to action.

Putting our money where our mouth is...

21 Feb 2022 Nick GarbuttDemocracy

 Jennifer Wallace, Director, Carnegie UK argues that we all need to be involved in how and why we spend money in Northern Ireland.

Criminalising kids: time to grow up

18 Feb 2022 Nick GarbuttJustice, Human Rights

In Northern Ireland children are not allowed to get a tattoo until they are 18 but can be convicted of crimes whilst at primary school.  

Should we expect our politicians to be smarter?

15 Feb 2022 Ryan MillerGovernment, Governance, Policy, Education

Heads or tails? (Photo by Steve Smith on Unsplash)

Elected representatives are tasked with huge decisions affecting all our lives. Public policy is awash with numbers - but a lot of politicians struggle with basic maths.

Loneliness at the end of life

11 Feb 2022 Nick GarbuttHealth

Loneliness and its impacts on our wellbeing is a relatively new frontier in our understanding of health.

What’s the point of Stormont?

8 Feb 2022 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy, Politics

It’s election season in NI, which means wondering not just who will top the polls – but also if an Executive can be formed afterwards, and whether there’s any point having a government anyway.


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