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Third sector: “We must remain in the single market and customs union”

9 Feb 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Brexit, Politics, Social Policy

NICVA CEO Seamus McAleavey

NICVA has joined together with partner organisations in Scotland and Wales to compile a list of key aims for the UK’s withdrawal of the EU. Top of the list is membership of the single market and customs union.

Ignorance and the Arts in Northern Ireland

2 Feb 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Two quotes 120 years apart about the value of the Arts and Culture signify the shift we are currently seeing. 

Poverty – are we doing it wrong?

2 Feb 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy, Equality

Two years of research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Frameworks Institute have found that traditional campaigns against poverty tend to backfire. If this issue is to be tackled, a new approach is required.

The end of the blue bus?

26 Jan 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

 “the blue bus is callin' us Driver, where you taken us” The End by The Doors 

There is nothing right about an absence of government

26 Jan 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Social Policy, Human Rights

Human Rights Commissioner Les Allamby

The absence of local political leadership is having a harmful effect on human rights, according to the Human Rights Commissioner.

Young people in Ardoyne have their say

19 Jan 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues; Social Policy

Modern best practice in the third sector hinges on services that have been designed – or, at the very least informed – by the users themselves.

The Unabomber: uncanny prophecies of a dangerous man

19 Jan 2018 Nick Garbutt4th Industrial Revolution

Twenty two years ago a brilliant mathematician showed uncanny prescience when he anticipated a great debate about automation and artificial intelligence.

The ongoing perils of our year of non-governance

12 Jan 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Equality, Sector Issues, Social Policy, Politics

Stormont collapsed 12 months ago leaving Northern Ireland in stasis while Brexit plans are shaped and the health service crumbles. Here we look at NICVA’s response to a Westminster consultation on the crisis.

Spending other peoples' money: the dormant account issue

11 Jan 2018 Nick GarbuttFunding, Sector Issues

There has been much coverage about the £19 million dormant account money which Stormont has still not distributed to charities.

Report shows 48% of Northern Ireland jobs at risk of automation

5 Jan 2018 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Welfare Reform. 4th Industrial Revolution

A report has just been published by an influential Think Tank which shows that Northern Ireland is the most vulnerable region in the UK to job losses as a result of automation. 

Holiday hunger, and how it might be fixed

5 Jan 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Portadown Gets Active

With most people feeling well stuffed after Christmas, it is a good time to look at those less fortunate, and how many children in NI rely on healthy lunches they get at school that then disappear over the holidays.

Big Brother and Big Data

15 Dec 2017 Nick GarbuttHuman Rights, 4th Industrial Revolution

Les Allamby, chief commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the impact of technological surveillance on privacy rights

Power to people, the future of adult social care

15 Dec 2017 Nick GarbuttHealth

This week the Department of Health published the Expert Advisory Panel’s Review into Adult Social Care, Power to People. 

Westminster wants a greater say in NI rights

15 Dec 2017 Ryan MillerHuman Rights, Social Policy, Sector Issues, Health

Left to right: John McCallister (Commissioner); Helena Macormac (Commissioner); Chief Commissioner, Les Allamby; Eddie Rooney (Commissioner); The Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP; Helen Ferguson (Commissioner); and Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Chief Executive, David Russell at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's 2017 Annual Statement Launch.

MPs are growing more confident and strident about taking a lead in rights issues in Northern Ireland. Local people, activists and politicians should take notice – the balance on matters like abortion and gay marriage might be about to tip.

Hand to mouth: Northern Ireland’s poverty outlook

8 Dec 2017 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Welfare Reform, Equality, Education

Employment is no guarantee against poverty, and lack of qualifications makes things harder still. A new Joseph Rowntree Foundation report shows Northern Ireland is not well equipped to tackle this issue.

Technology must enhance not destroy care for older people

8 Dec 2017 Nick GarbuttHealth, 4th Industrial Revolution

Eddie Lynch, Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland lays out how technology should be used to support our ageing population 

Brexit, the border and other European contexts

6 Dec 2017 Carys BrownBrexit, Politics

Carys Brown looks at how other European countries manage their borders with the EU and examines the implications for Northern Ireland. 

Brexit pitfalls for medical science – and patients - are real, but can be avoided

1 Dec 2017 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Sector Issues, Brexit

Simon Gillespie at BHF's Belfast office

Scope talks with British Heart Foundation CEO Simon Gillespie about concerns for cardiovascular research in the wake of Brexit - and how UK legislators can avoid harming our world-class research sector and the patients that rely on it.

How robot seals and intelligent toilets are transforming care for older people

30 Nov 2017 Nick GarbuttHealth, 4th Industrial Revolution

Our oldest people are suffering the most as the health service falters in the face of overwhelming demand. 

Small charities and large risk – how scammers can hijack your identity to steal money all over the world

24 Nov 2017 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Justice

HAPANI's website

HAPANI is a small organisation based in Belfast that recent found itself an unwilling and unwitting vehicle in an international fraud. They speak to Scope about the need for better protections and how any organisation could fall foul.

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