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Media failings make resuscitating Stormont harder

29 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Sector Issues, Social Policy, Community Relations

Image by veve from Pixabay

Local journalism didn’t bring down the Executive but its shortcomings perhaps greased the wheels of collapse and are helping to manage its ongoing non-existence.

Religion and the Troubles

28 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttFaith, Legacy

The conflict in Northern Ireland was not a religious war in the classic sense of the phrase.

Transforming Northern Ireland

21 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttPolicy

Northern Ireland’s new think tank has just published its first piece of work.

Homelessness is more than one issue

20 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Mental Health, Poverty, Sector Issues

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Improvements in several areas are needed to tackle this multi-layered problem. Unfortunately, the absence of a government is a real obstacle.

Ending paramilitarism: why words matter

15 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttJustice, Conflict

One of the most important challenges we face in Northern Ireland is bringing paramilitarism to an end.

Employment highs are obscuring a great malaise

13 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerEconomy, Equality, Social Policy

Credit to PropertyPal for analysing NISRA and LPS figures. We are working more because we think we have to. So keep the champagne on ice (or sell it).

The latest job market updates look great. Take a peek behind the figures, however, and the story is different.

The trouble with paramilitaries

8 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttPeace Process

The Independent Reporting Commission (IRC) has just published its second report on progress to end paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland.

Another report warns the health service is crumbling

7 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy

Photo by Natanael Melchor on Unsplash

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee also pointed out major failings – and possible solutions – in cancer care, social care and support for mental ill health.

Crime: the real reason why offenders stop

1 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttJustice

Sir Martin Narey stirred up a hornet’s nest this week when he told a conference of prison officers to “stop fretting about rehabilitation”.

Stroke experiences reinforce the need for change

29 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerHealth

Stroke survivor Helen Graham

Figures released this week on World Stroke Day lay bare the need for health transformation – a process that, due in large part to Stormont’s collapse, has stalled.

Our health service: running out of time and money

25 Oct 2019 Nick GarbuttHealth

The man who runs the Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland is running out of time, and running out of money.

Let’s talk about Shared Prosperity

23 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Equality, Social Policy, Funding

Where is the consultation on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund? And, when it does come, what should a new infrastructure fund look like?

Dormant accounts: spending other peoples' money

17 Oct 2019 Nick GarbuttFunding

The Third Sector has been waiting for 11 years, with mounting impatience, for monies accumulating in Northern Ireland’s Dormant Accounts Fund to be put to good use.

How is NI performing? (part three)

16 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerEconomy, Equality, Education, Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism, Social Policy

Our third and final article looking at how our public sector is doing, by its own measure.

In education, religion’s reach goes far beyond segregation

8 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Education, Social Policy, Religion, Divided Society

Part of the new UU report's infographic

A new report from Ulster University has found that religion – and specific religious groups – hold sway at every level of the NI schools system.

How is NI performing? (Part two)

8 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Social Policy, Health, Justice, Education, Economy

NI - it's a beautiful place (photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash)

The second in our trio of articles taking an accessible look at how our public sector is doing, by its own measure.

How is Northern Ireland performing? (part one)

3 Oct 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Social Policy, Health, Education, Economy

The Executive Office recently published its year-end report looking at progress against outcomes in the draft Programme for Government. Scope takes a look at the bottom line.

Food for thought: Northern Ireland's farming crisis

3 Oct 2019 Nick GarbuttHealth, Environment

Our health and the health of the land are inextricably linked. That link is now fractured.

Local news is vital for communities

27 Sep 2019 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Sector Issues

Some original Fake News, in which a beloved dog named Boy is killed by a Necromancer

Newspapers are dying, but we still need news. How should we replace what is lost? Should journalism go full circle and return to its roots as a charitable cause?

Pivotal: Northern Ireland's new think tank

27 Sep 2019 Nick GarbuttPolicy

Northern Ireland had the dubious distinction of being the only part of the UK without a think tank, until this week.


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