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The potential for citizens’ income remains a hopeful, tricky mystery

11 May 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Equality, Sector Issues, Economy

An experiment with citizens’ income has been enthusiastically branded a failure before any results are in. The truth is less straightforward – and unclear. Regardless, creative thinking needs support, not scorn.

Mind the Gap: the looming intergenerational crisis

9 May 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

An influential think tank has just produced a policy paper designed to tackle the looming intergenerational crisis which endangers young people, children and those yet to be born.

The end of the road for the Building Change Trust

4 May 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

Building Change Trust

The Building Change Trust (BCT) is due to wind up in December after ten years, during which it has distributed more than £12 million, Scope reports.

Childcare – a local problem

3 May 2018 Ryan MillerEducation, Social Policy, Sector Issues, Equality

Lord Mayor of Belfast Nuala McAllister preparing for a parents and tots morning at City Hall

A lack of vision and direction means parents, providers and their staff, employers, the local economy – and, above all, children – are all missing out.­

Secular disagreements and the risk of circular discussions

27 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerEquality, Sector Issues, Human Rights, Social Policy, Health, Justice

A still from the new NIHRC/EANI animation

Northern Ireland - like much of the world - is becoming more secular. However, this means different things to different people, which makes the process more difficult.

Wellbeing - sounds great but what does it mean?

25 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttFunding, Policy

The Carnegie Trust has recently announced a £350,000 fund for “embedding wellbeing” in Northern Ireland. This sounds great. But what does it mean?

It's time for a grown up debate about how we pay for care

20 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttSocial Care, Health

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the time has now come for a full, mature and honest debate about how we pay for social care

Health reform: different places, same story

20 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Our politicians have largely failed to progress health reform - due to problems mirrored elsewhere - but their absence does not really make things easier.

New collection of oral histories illuminates our troubled past

13 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Peace Process

Cluan Place – Clandeboye Drive (picture by Frankie Quinn)

The Good Friday Agreement’s 20th anniversary has dominated the news this week – but Reflected Lives, a new oral history project, tells vital stories about where NI has come from and where it finds itself today.

The surreal partnership that reduces hospital pressures

13 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttNHS

Scope looks at a remarkable partnership between a health authority and a rugby club which supported a 7.2% reduction in local hospital admissions.

Older people: much achieved, so much more to do

6 Apr 2018 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Sector Issues, Health

Eileen Mullan, outgoing chair of AgeNI reflects on her nine years on the board, and outlines the remaining challenges for older people.

Hearing loss and GPs – missed appointments and misunderstandings

6 Apr 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Equality, Social Issues

Why does the local health service have some astounding obstacles to helping people with hearing loss?

Major merger announced in NI third sector

30 Mar 2018 Ryan MillerSector Issues, Funding, Social Policy

(l-r) Ray Jordan, Siobhan Hanley and Tom Kitt

War on Want NI has joined together with Self Help Africa, based in the Republic of Ireland, and people from both charities are enthusiastic about the future.

Facebook’s remarkable suicide prevention tool

30 Mar 2018 Nick Garbutt4th Industrial Revolution; Mental Health

Facebook’s giant campus in California

In a week dominated by controversy about how our social media data is exploited Scope looks at how Facebook also uses data to save lives.

The Punishment Paradox

23 Mar 2018 Nick GarbuttJustice, Policy

One of the most damaging public misconceptions in dealing with the perpetrators of crime is the notion that the more severe the punishment, the less likely the criminal is to offend.

The Agony of the artist: shocking report

23 Mar 2018 Nick GarbuttNo Topics

A report just published into the mental health of people working in the creative sector is truly shocking and needs to be addressed.

Where now for equality?

16 Mar 2018 Ryan MillerEquality, Social Policy

Equality dominates local headlines and cut through a huge number of contentious issues in NI and throughout the world. But what does it mean, why is it a good thing, and how do we ensure its impact is as positive as possible?

Health: the spending dilemma

16 Mar 2018 Nick GarbuttHealth

Senior health officials will be wrestling with an extremely tricky dilemma this week.

Time to debate our treatment of Travellers

9 Mar 2018 Nick GarbuttPolicy, Human Rights

This week saw the publication of a report into discrimination against Travellers published by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

Diabetes is a problem – and emblematic of the challenges in health and care

9 Mar 2018 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy, Politics

The NI Audit Office report released this week outlines 15 years of missed opportunities to improve diabetes care. The findings serve as a cautionary tale for the ongoing failures in wider health reform.

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