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NI Health Survey points to difficult conversations

22 Jan 2020 Ryan MillerHealth, Mental Health, Health Reform

Dr Michael McBride - crafting his message with care

If we save our health service, one key strut will be more personal responsibility for individuals. The latest annual Health Survey shows why encouraging healthier lifestyles can be tricky.

Stormont: Better outcomes demand better government

17 Jan 2020 Nick GarbuttPolicy

If the revived Executive and Assembly is to be a success how it works will be just as important as what it does.

Stormont’s back – and everyone’s inbox is full

16 Jan 2020 Ryan MillerHuman Rights, Equality, Health, Education, Poverty, Welfare Reform

Stormont’s return has left the NIHRC annual statement out of date, sort of - but it’s also more relevant than when it was published.

The Assembly’s return is a big deal and surely better than the past three years. However, the list of issues MLAs face is enormous. Scope looks at human rights in NI.

More than a good start

9 Jan 2020 Ryan MillerEducation, Equality, Social Policy, Health

Sure Start is two decades old but still going strong. Scope takes a look at a long-running programme that has managed to stay fresh.

Suicides in NI: causes and prevention

9 Jan 2020 Nick GarbuttHealth, Mental Health

Scope examines the suicide crisis in Northern Ireland and looks at causes and solutions.

Northern Ireland: more Tallinn than Finchley

19 Dec 2019 Nick GarbuttEconomy, Policy

We are often told that the UK is a powerful western economy. But that is profoundly misleading. 

Reductive politics is on collision course with reality

18 Dec 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Health, Economy, Education, Social Policy

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

It wasn’t just election week, it was Brexit election week. Or was it? And what about the Stormont talks? Voters are more subtle than politicians and we stand at a policy crossroads. Without fixes there could be enormous public anger.

Boris and the Northern Ireland problem

13 Dec 2019 Nick GarbuttPolitics

Now that the General Election is over we can only hope that Boris Johnson’s new government is better than the last one. But at least there will be one, which is more than can be said for Northern Ireland.

The importance of self-efficacy

12 Dec 2019 Ryan MillerHealth, Education, Social Policy, Sector Issues

Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to succeed at tasks they take on. We should all know more about it, and its effects.

Schools: the price of segregation

6 Dec 2019 Nick GarbuttEducation

The troubled history of the Northern Irish state is full of “if only” moments.

Hunger is an issue this Christmas and New Year

5 Dec 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Welfare Reform, Poverty

Food banks, Universal Credit and holiday hunger are different issues,  but all are interlinked. That relationship comes into sharper focus at this time of year.

Media failings make resuscitating Stormont harder

29 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerEquality, Sector Issues, Social Policy, Community Relations

Image by veve from Pixabay

Local journalism didn’t bring down the Executive but its shortcomings perhaps greased the wheels of collapse and are helping to manage its ongoing non-existence.

Religion and the Troubles

28 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttFaith, Legacy

The conflict in Northern Ireland was not a religious war in the classic sense of the phrase.

Transforming Northern Ireland

21 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttPolicy

Northern Ireland’s new think tank has just published its first piece of work.

Homelessness is more than one issue

20 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerSocial Policy, Mental Health, Poverty, Sector Issues

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Improvements in several areas are needed to tackle this multi-layered problem. Unfortunately, the absence of a government is a real obstacle.

Ending paramilitarism: why words matter

15 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttJustice, Conflict

One of the most important challenges we face in Northern Ireland is bringing paramilitarism to an end.

Employment highs are obscuring a great malaise

13 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerEconomy, Equality, Social Policy

Credit to PropertyPal for analysing NISRA and LPS figures. We are working more because we think we have to. So keep the champagne on ice (or sell it).

The latest job market updates look great. Take a peek behind the figures, however, and the story is different.

The trouble with paramilitaries

8 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttPeace Process

The Independent Reporting Commission (IRC) has just published its second report on progress to end paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland.

Another report warns the health service is crumbling

7 Nov 2019 Ryan MillerHealth, Social Policy

Photo by Natanael Melchor on Unsplash

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee also pointed out major failings – and possible solutions – in cancer care, social care and support for mental ill health.

Crime: the real reason why offenders stop

1 Nov 2019 Nick GarbuttJustice

Sir Martin Narey stirred up a hornet’s nest this week when he told a conference of prison officers to “stop fretting about rehabilitation”.


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