May 2015

Marginalised, excluded, demonised?

27 May[email protected]Media, Sector Issues

Scope examines a ground-breaking research project which aims to address the negative stereo-typing of young people by the media. 

Sexism, racism and periscopes: Upper Bann on twitter

27 May[email protected]Politics, Social Media

Upper Bann is just getting back to normal again after an election campaign that ended in acrimony with allegations of racist abuse.

Welfare Reform is correct in principle

27 MayGuest AuthorWelfare Reform

There is a difference between theory and practice - despite some problems, Welfare Reform is a social good. Ian James Parsley writes exclusively for Scope.

Twitter: the MLAs of South Antrim

26 May[email protected]Politics, Social Media

South Antrim - the Jewel of the Six Mile – joins Scope’s list of constituencies to receive a sober and sombre social media probe.

Transforming Your Minister - change at the top could revitalise DHSSPS

26 May[email protected]Health

New Health Minister Simon Hamilton is making some good noises about reform – but changes need to be rapid and neither the financial capability or political will are guaranteed.

Pulling a stroke?

26 May[email protected]Media, Sector Issues

Scope analyses the controversy surrounding the Stroke Association’s shocking claims about stroke rates amongst people of working age and asks if great advocacy can become bad science. 

Inside the world of the spads

26 May[email protected]Politics

Earlier this month the Office of First Minister deputy First Minister released information that it was ordered to by the  Information Commissioner revealing the salaries paid to the special advisors working for the First Minister.

The Apathy Party sweeps the board again

26 May[email protected]Politics

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election and the victory champagne has gone flat, Scope looks at the section of the electorate nobody is talking about: the people who did not vote. 

Truth or justice, or both?

26 May[email protected]Peace Process

Dealing with the past is difficult – especially when its two common ideals work against each other. Scope looks at whether the Stormont House Agreement can untangle truth and justice and allow progress to run rather than shuffle.

Up the sanction - Welfare Reform's teeth could bite itself

20 May[email protected]Welfare Reform

DWP says sanctions are a "last resort" and encouragement to work - but some reported examples make that description look laughable, and could make them the biggest danger to Welfare Reform. Scope takes a look.

Welfare Reform: the view from Scotland

14 May[email protected]Welfare Reform

The general election result means Welfare Reform will come to Northern Ireland, one way or another. Scope looks at two reports examining its impact in Scotland - both on the public and the third sector.

How American non profits are getting politicians to sit up and notice

13 May[email protected]Sector Issues, Politics

As cuts deepen should the sector lie down and take it, disappear into silos, with everyone fighting everyone else for scraps, or is there a better way? 

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