Shroud education: sharing and the future

20 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Equality, Social Policy, Education, Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Shared Education is the big new thing for helping society come together and improving schooling. But what are we supposed to expect?

Infirm foundations – underachievement must be addressed

9 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Education, Equality

Last week the PUP released a report on education, focused on underachievement by working-class protestants. Scope takes a look at the points made by the paper – and identifies a further conclusion of its own.

Children's book scheme reaches the end of the road

7 Jul 2015Nick Garbutt Education

When the Department of Education announced it was to stop funding Northern Ireland’s Bookstart scheme it said it was “working around the clock” to find alternative sources of funding. 

The demolition of community education in Northern Ireland

28 Apr 2015Nick Garbutt Education

Just imagine the uproar if the education department withdrew a school’s funding two months before the  end of term leaving A Level and GSCE students without teachers, and the rest of the pupils scrambling for places elsewhere. 

Pity the poor children of the cuts

25 Mar 2015Nick Garbutt Education

We could all end up paying a very high price for cuts to Early Years services, Scope explores the implications.