Shroud education: sharing and the future

20 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Equality, Social Policy, Education, Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Shared Education is the big new thing for helping society come together and improving schooling. But what are we supposed to expect?

Shifting sands: NI's political landscape on marriage equality is changing

6 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Politics, Equality

Last week Scope highlighted the view that marriage equality in Northern Ireland is "inevitable" - are changes in the past week a sign of this inevitability in action?

Should we have the right to die on our own terms?

5 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Health, Social Policy, Equality

Debate about right to die - and the right to help our loved ones do so, if they wish - is growing in the UK. Scope looks at a deceptively simple point of principle and its complex fine details.

The inevitable equality - why NI will embrace same-sex marriage

29 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Equality

A key figure in the successful marriage equality campaign in the Republic of Ireland says Northern Ireland will move into line with the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Infirm foundations – underachievement must be addressed

9 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Education, Equality

Last week the PUP released a report on education, focused on underachievement by working-class protestants. Scope takes a look at the points made by the paper – and identifies a further conclusion of its own.

A healthy approach to asylum that will help us all

16 Jun 2015Ryan Miller Health, Equality, Social Policy

There won’t be huge political fanfare, but a recent DHSSPS decision to increase access to free healthcare amongst vulnerable groups will save money and improve everyone’s health. Scope looks at why.

Has the Wells affair scuppered a Westminster deal for the DUP?

28 Apr 2015Nick Garbutt Politics, Equality

Scope analyses the fall-out from the Wells affair and concludes we should not be writing off the DUP just yet.

Modern slavery - antiquity down your street

27 Apr 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Equality

For most people the word slavery will evoke the distant and disconnected past. But for some people it is a reality in the here and now.

The Wrong Mrs Vo - do the unborn have rights?

17 Apr 2015Nick Garbutt Equality, Social Policy

Scope examines the landmark European case which ruled that the unborn do not have a right to life 

The irony of calling quotas patronising

25 Mar 2015Guest Author Politics, Equality

This month Scope has chosen to discuss gender quotas in politics. Here political activist - and feminist - Adrianne Peltz outlines why many of the standard objections are objectionable.