Behind the scenes at Sunday Sequence

11 Sep 2015Nick Garbutt Media

Scope meets Seamus Boyd, the driving force behind Radio Ulster’s flagship Sunday Sequence show. 

Will the BBC get blown away by the gathering storm?

19 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Media, Politics

Just how serious is the threat to the BBC posed by the Westminster government and should we be worried about it? 

Marginalised, excluded, demonised?

27 May 2015Nick Garbutt Media, Sector Issues

Scope examines a ground-breaking research project which aims to address the negative stereo-typing of young people by the media. 

Pulling a stroke?

26 May 2015Nick Garbutt Media, Sector Issues

Scope analyses the controversy surrounding the Stroke Association’s shocking claims about stroke rates amongst people of working age and asks if great advocacy can become bad science. 

Inside the Nolan Show

8 Dec 2014Nick Garbutt Media

The “Biggest Show in the Country” is broadcast from a tiny studio at the end of a corridor which dog legs deep into the disorientating innards of Broadcasting House. It’s not easy to find.

Health boss goes to war over negative media coverage

10 Nov 2014Nick Garbutt Media

The tension between the media and health authorities has exploded into open warfare and the dispute goes to the heart of the function of the Press. Scope investigates.