Does Stormont need to end designations?

12 Jan 2023Ryan Miller undefinedStormont, Government, Polling, Politics, Protocol

Reforming Assembly and Executive structures has been suggested several times as a way to end the current impasse. Will that work, in theory or practice? Scope looks at one suggestion: weighted majority voting.

Uncertainty and the Stormont House Agreement

25 Sep 2015Ryan Miller Community Relations, Politics

Provisions for dealing with the past within the Stormont House Agreement have come in for much public criticism. Scope looks at whether confusion on the issues is related to a lack of honest dialogue with the public.

Why Bryson should be heard in public

18 Sep 2015Nick Garbutt Politics

Scope editor Nick Garbutt argues that the decision to hold part of the Finance Committee's Nama investigation in private is a subversion of democracy. 

If Stormont falls we'll all be the worst for it

17 Sep 2015Nick Garbutt Politics

The current political crisis is having unexpected consequences, Scope reports. 

Did the IRA go away?

27 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Politics, Peace Process

Are there any politicians and commentators who seriously did not know that the IRA still existed? 

Shroud education: sharing and the future

20 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Equality, Social Policy, Education, Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Shared Education is the big new thing for helping society come together and improving schooling. But what are we supposed to expect?

Will the BBC get blown away by the gathering storm?

19 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Media, Politics

Just how serious is the threat to the BBC posed by the Westminster government and should we be worried about it? 

Whatever happened to Heenan Anderson?

14 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Politics, Social Policy, Welfare Reform

Whatever happened to the Heenan-Anderson Commission?

Why we need to know the truth about Kincora

12 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Social Policy, Politics

Why is Secretary of State Theresa Villiers so determined to ensure that allegations about child abuse at Kincora Boys Home in Belfast does not form part of the UK investigation? 

Shifting sands: NI's political landscape on marriage equality is changing

6 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Politics, Equality

Last week Scope highlighted the view that marriage equality in Northern Ireland is "inevitable" - are changes in the past week a sign of this inevitability in action?