Social Policy

Should we have the right to die on our own terms?

5 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Health, Social Policy, Equality

Debate about right to die - and the right to help our loved ones do so, if they wish - is growing in the UK. Scope looks at a deceptively simple point of principle and its complex fine details.

The inevitable equality - why NI will embrace same-sex marriage

29 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Equality

A key figure in the successful marriage equality campaign in the Republic of Ireland says Northern Ireland will move into line with the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Spooky action at an unknown distance - GCHQ and Amnesty International

27 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Politics, Social Policy

The security services exist to protect us as citizens and allow us to live in freedom. Scope speaks with spying victims Amnesty International about whether spying on human rights organisations can fulfil that purpose.

A complex solution to a simple problem

24 Jul 2015Nick Garbutt Mental Health, Social Policy

Analysis: Colin Harper of the Belfast Law Centre on the Mental Capacity Bill 

Same sex marriage battle goes to court

24 Jun 2015Nick Garbutt Social Policy

The first gay couple to celebrate a civil partnership in Northern Ireland are seeking a judicial review challenging the ban on gay couples getting married here. 

A healthy approach to asylum that will help us all

16 Jun 2015Ryan Miller Health, Equality, Social Policy

There won’t be huge political fanfare, but a recent DHSSPS decision to increase access to free healthcare amongst vulnerable groups will save money and improve everyone’s health. Scope looks at why.

Shaking up social policy

15 Jun 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy

Scope provides an update on the recent series of articles on abortion in Northern Ireland, an area of policy that is under extreme scrutiny currently, with developments coming at pace.

Will the courts force through abortion reform?

28 Apr 2015Nick Garbutt Social Policy

In the latest in our series on abortion Scope examines the impending court case which could force the Assembly's hand on reform. 

Abortion: the lives of others

28 Apr 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy

David Smyth of the Evangelical Alliance, writing exclusively for Scope, challenges those currently calling for changes to Northern Ireland's abortion law

Modern slavery - antiquity down your street

27 Apr 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Equality

For most people the word slavery will evoke the distant and disconnected past. But for some people it is a reality in the here and now.